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Used Volumetric Filler Equipment

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This type of filler is designed to work at high and low speeds while filling a container to a preset volume. Volumetric filling machines are based on a self-priming cylinder that determines the filling volume.

GE-40LS photo
US Bottler GE-40LS 40 Station Rotary Vacuum Filler
Inventory #: D2871

Used US Bottler GE-40LS 40 Station Rotary Vacuum Filler with: Previous application: running 36 ounce rectangular plastic condiment bottles Left to right feed tiiming screw Star infeed 40 pocket clockwise...

Single Head Rotary Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: D1632

Used Single Head Rotary Volumetric Filler with: Single filling head Rotary design 4 filling cylinders Stainless steel construction Welded tubular frame

Pre Pack Machinery Spinach Packer
Inventory #: D2359

Used Pre Pack Machinery Spinach Packer with: Stainless steel construction Individual control of scale and door speed Single piston press: 14 inch wide pressing chamber Five (5) inch wide by 1.5 inch...

CBE 264 photo
Spee Dee Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: D2231

Used Spee Dee Volumetric Filler with: New foot pedal 2 sets of cups will fill from 10 grams to 1 pound

9822MN-6A photo
Alpha-Pack 9822MN-6A Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: D1718

Used Alpha-Pack 9822MN Volumetric Filler with: 6 head filler Filling volume: 1 - 34 fluid ounces Speed: up to 36 bottles per minute Overall construction 304 stainless steel Product contact parts...

Spee-Dee 4 Pocket Servo Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: C8395R

Used Spee-Dee 4 Pocket Volumetric Filler with: Previously mounted over a vertical form fill and seal machine Hopper dimensions: 18 inch diameter x 21 inches deep Hopper capacity: 1 cubic foot Measuring...

28 head photo
US Bottlers 28 Head Bottle Filler
Inventory #: D1128

Used US Bottlers 28 Head Bottle Filler with: 28 filling heads Fully programmable Last used to fill 64 oz bottles of hot apple juice Speeds of up to 160, 64 ounce bottles per minute +- 1% fill...

VLA 4 photo
Filamatic VLA Volumetic Filling Machine
Inventory #: C9974

Used Filamatic VLA Volumetic Filling Machine with: (4) 100 ml pistons Conveyor dimensions: 14 feet long x 3.25 inches Includes (2) Supply Tanks 175 gallon 200 gallon ...

A&B Volumetric Clamshell Filler
Inventory #: C9600

Used A&B Volumetric Clamshell Filler with: Hopper Clamshell closer Stainless steel constructon

MPFMP-060-01 photo
Multi-Fill MPFMP-060-01 Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: C9348

Used Multi-Fill MPFMP-060-01 Volumetric Filler with: Allen Bradley controls Stainless steel Casters Average operating speed: 50-60 CPM Semi-Automatic Can be adapted with a distribution system...

NECOFLO GC 28/48 photo
Nalbach NECOFLO GC 28/48 28 Head Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: C8067R

Used Nalbach NECOFLO GC 28/48 Volumetric Filler with: 28 filling heads Last used for high speed filling of roast and ground coffee into rigid containers Bottom up filling technique and vibration system...

PMCT6500 photo
A&B Universal Packing Machine
Inventory #: C8370

Used A&B Universal Packing Machine with: Packs 6oz to 2.75lb clamshells Packs most 5lb and 10lb boxes Packs up to 180 pint clamshells a minute Automatic clamshell de-nesting system Patented...

ELC CAL 1000 photo
ECL Packaging CAL 1000 Volumetric Bottle Filler
Inventory #: C5052

Used ECL Packaging CAL 1000 Volumetric Bottle Filler with: ELC AX2 Stainless Steel Linear Weigher Mix up 2 different products weighing at one discharge point Automatic feed control Up to...

VOL-B photo
Feed System VOL-B Semi Automatic Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: C7665

Used Feed System VOL-B Semi Automatic Volumetric Filler with; Ideal for applications with reduced speeds short production runs limited space trial runs where precision filling of a wide range...

DAB32 photo
Filamatic DAB32 4 Head Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: C5262

Used Filamatic DAB32 4 Head Volumetric Filler with; 4 head filler Filling range: up to 1300 cc per nozzle Heavy duty four nozzle prodcution fill for use with free-flowing or viscous liques Adjustable...

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