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This type of machine has a disc that rotates, and arms that guide the rotated bottles or other packaging containers. The arms guide the containers to the outside of the disc, and then the containers are guided off the unscrambler, usually onto a conveyor. This ensures that the containers will be in a single file line. In some cases, containers are already upright when they go into the disc unscrambler. In other cases, containers are randomly assorted when they enter the unscrambler, and they are deployed on their side, using a secondary orienter to set them upright.

NEHECL-100 photo
NEM NEHECL 100 Horizontal Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: D6745Can Rent

Used NEM NEHEcL 100 Horizontal Bottle Unscrambler with: Application: unscrable and orient small bottles Capacity: up to 120 bottles per minute, product dependent Bottle sizes: 40, 60, 100, and 150 CC...

NEHHLPE-36 photo
New England Machinery NEHHLPE-36 Unscrambler
Inventory #: D5677Can Rent

Used New England Machinery NEHHLPE-36 Unscrambler with: Bowl diameter: 35 inches Discharge height: 41 inches Unscrambles and uprights bottles Side grip discharge belt Hand crank size adjustments...

RSCF-28SP photo
Roto Systems RSCF-28SP Disc Bowl Unscrambler
Inventory #: D4237Can Rent

Used Roto Systems RSCF-28SP Unscrambler with: Bowl diameter: 28 inches Bowl depth: 6 inches Hopper dimensions: 24 inches x 24 inches x 10 inches deep Eriez HS10 vibratory feeder meters product...

3D-RP1-6 photo
Omega Design 3D-RP1-6 Bottle Unscrambler Indexer
Inventory #: D1680Can Rent

Used Omega Design 3D-RP1-6 Bottle Unscrambler Indexer with: Bottles are discharged from the unscrambling bowl and then picked up by one of the 8 clamps and placed on the discharge conveyor Bowl dimensions:...

P-4/H-25 photo
Palace Packaging P-4/H-25 Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: C8515Can Rent

Used Palace Packaging P-4/H-25 Bottle Unscrambler with: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 controls Variable bowl speeds Bowl diameter: 48 inches Infeed height: approximately 98 inches Outfeed height:...

NEHE-36 photo
New England Machinery NEHE36 Unscrambler
Inventory #: B2435Can Rent

Used New England Machinery NEHE-36 Unscrambler and Elevator with: Elevator model: H\E-20 Variable speed motor Previously running 8 ounce round bottles at 80 per minute 36 inch diameter bowl Controls...

NEHECL 150 photo
New England Unscrambler NEHECL 150 Hopper Elevator
Inventory #: A8164Can Rent

Used New England Machinery NEHECL 150 Unscrambler with: Automatic plastic bottle unscrambler designed to handle non-tapered bottles Bowl diameter: 36 inches Container size range: Height:...

NEHBT photo
New England Unscrambler NEHBT with Hopper Elevator
Inventory #: A8163Can Rent

Used New England Machinery NEHBT Unscrambler with: Automatic unscrambler for plastic bottles Output: 50 to 625 bottles per minute, depending on bottle size Container size range, with proper change...

FRS-60 photo
Hoppmann Bottle Unscrambler Centrifugal FRS-60
Inventory #: A4982Can Rent

Used Hoppmann Bottle Unscrambler with: Centrifugal bowl feeder Bowl Inside Diameter 51.79 inches (1,315 millimeters) Model FRS-60 Stainless steel construction Air clutch Teflon Hard-coat Anodized...

WEP80/22 photo
Hoppmann Centrifugal Bowl Unscrambler
Inventory #: A4347Can Rent

Used Hoppmann Centrifugal Bowl Unscrambler Hopper 40 inches deep Hopper dimensions: 151 inches long 72 inches wide 107 inches tall 130 volt Bodine motor controlling the bottom belt Baldor motor...

4D-SPL photo
Omega 4D-SPL Bottle Unscrambler and Labeler
Inventory #: A3054Can Rent

Used Omega 4D-SPL Bottle Unscrambler with: Printer & Incline Conveyor Beta Hopper With Intermec Easy Coder Px4i Thermal Bar Code Printer Betta Hopper maximum capacity is 2-3 cubic feet 15...

4D-SPL photo
Omega 4D Bottle Unscrambler with Inline Labeler
Inventory #: A3053Can Rent

Used Omega 4D-SPL Bottle Unscrambler with: Includes Omega beta hopper and elevator conveyor Hopper is 48 inches in diameter Motor is 90 volts and 1.27 amps Unscrambler wheel has a diameter...

NEHCL-200AJ photo
New England NEHCL-200AJ Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: E9945Can Rent

Used New England NEHCL-200AJ Bottle Unscrambler with: Sorting bowl diameter is 35 inches and is 9 inches deep Three sets of side belts all 1-1/2 inch wide with lengths of: 33, 13, and 26 inches 310...

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