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This type of stretch wrapper uses a turntable to spin a product as stretch film is applied. The film carriage moves up and down the mast to cover the full height of the product. Once on the turntable, which is also a conveyor, the pallet is rotated, pulling the film around itself. Conveyorized automatic turntable stretch wrappers eliminate the need for a forklift operator.

MX3300-A photo
Cousins Packaging MX3300-A Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: G2722Can Rent

Used Cousins Packaging MX3300-A Stretch Wrapper with: High profile stretch wrapper with roller conveyor turntable Mast height: 102 inches Maximum load height: 80 inches Turntable conveyor dimensions:...

SVAMD photo
Lantech SVAMD Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: D4226Can Rent

Used Lantech SVAMD Stretch Wrapper with: Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 CPU Variable wrapping force Adjustable roll carriage speed METP Load Height Sensor Independent top and bottom wrap count Top...

BK5000 photo
ITW Mima BK5000 Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: C3780Can Rent

Used ITW Mima BK5000 Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper with: Automatic turntable stretch wrapper with infeed and outfeed conveyor Individual top and bottom wrap counts Mast height: 108 inches Maximum...

PAC 4R5 photo
Arpac PAC 4R5 Stretch Wrapper Turntable Fully Auto
Inventory #: B5679Can Rent

Used PAC 4R5 Arpac Stretch Wrapper with: Conveyor speed: 30 fpm T/T speed: 15 rpm Minimum load size: 30" W x 30" L x 24" H Maximum load size: 48" W x 48"L x 24"H...

6100-45-CA photo
Cousins 6100-45-CA Pallet Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: B5777Can Rent

Used Cousins 6100-45-CA Pallet Stretch Wrapper with: Up to 45 pallets per hour Rotary Turntable One infeed conveyor Three outfeed conveyors 56 inches effective roller width Infeed conveyor...

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