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Using an insulated tank slows down temperature change of a product. This maintains a specific temperature for a longer period of time.

5000 Gal photo
Nordhausen 5000 Gal Stainless Steel Insulated Tank
Inventory #: G6035

Used Nordhausen Tank with: Capacity: 5,000 gallons Conical top and bottom Dimensions: Internal diameter: 100 inches External diameter: 111 inches Straight side: 128 inches Overall height...

3000 Gal photo
Sanitary Fabricators 3000 Gallon SS Insulated Tank
Inventory #: G5480

Used Sanitary Fabricators Tank with: Capacity: 3,000 gallons Dish top Cone bottom Insulation: Material: fiberglass Thickness: 3 inches NOTE: chloride & asbestos free Top...

Apache 4250 Gallon 316 Stainless Steel Mix Tank
Inventory #: G5131

Used Apache Tank with: Capacity: 4,250 gallons Agitation: Single shaft, top entering mixer Top mounted: Manway: 24 inches diameter Primary inlet: 6 inches diameter Various...

3500 Gal photo
Precision Stainless 3500 Gallon SS Pressure Tank
Inventory #: G5076

Used Precision Stainless Tank with: Capacity: 3,500 gallons Pressure rating: Internal: 50 psi/full vacuum @ 325° Fahrenheit Includes: Insulation Top mounted manway (1) Discharge...

Sanitary 2000 Gallon Horizontal Insulated Tank
Inventory #: G4114

Used Sanitary Tank with: Capacity: 2000 gallons Insulated sidewalls Hinged lid Horizontal design Clean In Place system Paddle agitation 2 inch outlets Previous application: popsicles...

2000 Gallon Horizontal Insulated Dairy Tank
Inventory #: G3661

Used Insulated Tank with: Capacity: approximately 2000 gallons Bottom mounted man way Bottom mounted ball valve Horizontal design Previous application: purified water Man way diameter: 21 inches...

MM photo
Mueller MM 3 500 Gallon Insulated Tank System
Inventory #: G4119

Used Mueller MM 3 Tank System with: 3 tank system 500 gallon capacity per tank Propeller agitation Insulated walls Front mounted discharge Hinged lids Stainless steel construction Fount...

F150-3 photo
Crepaco F1503 SS 3 X 150 Gallon Compartment Tanks
Inventory #: G4547

Used Crepaco Tanks with: Capacity: Total capacity: 450 gallons Per compartment: 150 gallons Dome tops Straight bottom Per compartment: Top mounted manway Agitation: two tier...

35000 Gal photo
Walker 35000 Gallon SS Insulated Tank
Inventory #: G3332

Used Walker Tank with: Capacity: 35,000 gallons Jacket: 60 square foot cold wall Insulation: Top: Fiberglass (1 lb. / FT3 density) Thickness: 3 inches Sidewall and bottom: ...

5500 Gal photo
Mueller 5500 Gallon Insulated Refrigerated SS Tank
Inventory #: G2005

Used Mueller Tank with: Capacity: 5,500 gallons Dish top and botton Side entering propeller agitator Top mounted: Various inlets Hinged manway door Bottom center outlet Insulated...

Mueller 1500 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Tank
Inventory #: D9161

Used Mueller Tank with: Demineralized water tank Capacity: Full capacity: 1,783 gallons Operating capacity: 1,500 gallons Design condition: Design press: 1 psi & 6 inch WC...

2000 Gallon Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank
Inventory #: D8667

Used Tank with: Capacity: 2000 gallons Previous application: Orange juice storage Horizontal design Painted steel exterior Fully insulated Stainless steel interior

Feldmeier 40 Gallon SS Insulated Pressure Tank
Inventory #: D8629

Used Feldmeier Tank with: Insulated pressure tank Capacity: 40 gallons MAWP: 30 FV/psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Includes: Liquid level indicator Polished internals CIP: sprayball assembly...

UHA-250 photo
Hinds Bock UHA-250 SS Double Wall Agitated Mixer
Inventory #: D8305

Used Hinds Bock UHA-250 SS Double Wall Agitated Mixer with: Trough is approximately 4 feet long x 3 feet wide x 4 feet deep Lenze 4x AC variable speed 1-6 rpm speed converter 2 inch bottom side discharge...

Cherry Burrell 1000 Gal Insulated and Heated Tank
Inventory #: D8119

Used Cherry Burrell 1000 Gal Insulated and Heated Tank with: 1000 gallon capacity Heated at the bottom, no jacket Insulated Lightin' mixer Previously used for salt water 5 tanks, each...

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