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Film packaging is the most effective and economic way of producing multipacks of products for distribution and shipment purposes. Shrink wrap equipment is used to package products in a film that is heat shrunk around the product to create a very tight seal. There are many types of shrink equipment including shrink tunnels, lap sealers, automatic and manual L-bar sealers, multipackers, and side sealers. Once your product is wrapped in shrink film, it passes through a heat tunnel, which shrinks the film closely around the product.

ET1610-48SS photo
Eastey ET1610-48SS Heat Shrink Tunnel 16" x 10"
Inventory #: B3423Can Rent

Used Eastey ET1610-48SS Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel dimensions: 16 inches wide x 10 inches tall Wire mesh conveyor 34 inch conveyor elevation Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene,...

EM28T photo
Eastey EM28T Manual Horizontal LBar Sealer
Inventory #: B2337Can Rent

Used Eastey EM28T Manual Horizontal Lap Sealer with: Sealing area: 28 inches long x 20 inches wide Adjustable sealing height with hand crank Seal area lowers up to 3 inches...

E250 HS photo
Conflex E250 HS Automatic L-Bar Sealer
Inventory #: B1836Can Rent

Used Conflex E250 HS Automatic L-Bar Sealer with: Hot tooled steel knife sealing system eliminates wire replacement Lower heated seal pads for fast, reliable seals Fully automatic package length adjustments...

B2RA photo
Shanklin B2-RA 90 Degree Bundler
Inventory #: A9629Can Rent

Used Shanklin B2RA 90 Degree Bundler : 23 3/4 inch wide x 29 inch long infeed conveyor 32 inch long seal bar 16 inch tall x 36 inch wide aperture Currently set to 33 inches from the ground Maximum width of product...

CPH-32-DL photo
PolyPack CPH-32-DL Shrink Film Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: A8949Can Rent

Used PolyPak CPH-32-DL Shrink Tunnel with: Continuous motion shrink tunnel Wide format opening to run oversized packages Allen-Bradley processor Last running clear film Caster mounted Double...

FT-LH photo
Benchmark Inflight FT Automatic Feeder for Wrapper
Inventory #: A8182Can Rent

Used Benchmark Bowl Inflight FT Automatic Infeed Conveyor with: Non-contact feeder Ideal for fragile, sticky or narrow products Wrapper speed control based on production rate Automatic wrapper start/stop...

TSP3 SDI PC photo
Cermex TSP3 Shrinkwrapper Unsupported Printed Film
Inventory #: A7185Can Rent

Used Cermex TSP-3-SDI-PC Tray Packer with: TSP system can run unsupported product with printed film TSP unit is capable of positioning products on a cardboard support prior to filming (tray, flat board,...

PP180828 photo
Preferred Packaging Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: A7703Can Rent

Used Preferred Packaging Heat Shrink Tunnel: Tunnel aperture dimensions: 16 inches wide x 8 inches high Roller bar chain conveyor Conveyor dimensions: 40 inches long X 16 inches wide Castors and...

CM60-28 photo
Arpac CM60 Inline High Speed Shrink Wrapper
Inventory #: A5433Can Rent

Used Arpac Model CM60-28 with: Continuous motion shrink wrapper that runs trayed product up to 60 packages/minute Wrap roll hoist 114 inches high Wrapper dimensions 151 inches long by 58 inches wide...

A27A photo
Shanklin A 27A Automatic L-Bar Sealer
Inventory #: A4749Can Rent

Used Shanklin Automatic L-Bar Sealer with: 24 inch film capacity Hot knife end seal Closing conveyor Infeed conveyor is 19 inches wide x 40 inches long Outfeed conveyor 16 1/2 inches wide x 36...

ASK 300T photo
Skinetta ASK 300T Stretch Bundler Bander System
Inventory #: A4938Featured Can Rent

Used Skinnetta ASK-300 Stretch Bundler with: Pac-System Stainless Steel Automatic Stretch Bundler with Collator Polyethylene film Up to 40 cycles per minute System can collate and then bundle product...

SP 050 B photo
KHS Kisters SP050B Unsupported Film Shrink Wrapper
Inventory #: A4875Can Rent

Used KHS Kisters SP050B Unsupported Film Shrink Wrapper with: Compact, fully automatic and economical unsupported film multi-packing machine Print registration Unsupported film is a material and cost-saving...

105-24 photo
Arpac Shrink Wrapper 105-24 Bundler w/ Collator
Inventory #: A3459Featured Can Rent

Used Arpac Shrink Wrapper 105-24 Bundler w/ Collator: Stainless steel construction Right angle infeed push station Single lane infeed 7 1/2 inch product inflow 17 inch outfeed conveyor Rated...

PP180844 photo
Preferred PP180844 SS Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: A2000Can Rent

Used Preferred PP180844 Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Stainless steel construction Overall dimensions: 84in. long x 25in. wide x 68in. high

110 photo
Scandia 110 Bundler
Inventory #: A1354Can Rent

Used Scandia 110 Carbon Steel Bundler with: Film Bundler/ Multipacker for Speeds to 15-60 cpm Speeds up to 80 cpm on single packages Bundles from 10-40 cpm Capable of 5-6 sided wraps Infeed product...

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