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Fully automatic premade bag horizontal packaging machine is suitable for the ready-made pouches filling liquids, powders, granules and sauces etc. Pre-made pouch fill-seal machinery for packaging all types of products in flat three or four-sided seal sachets, stand-up pouches with reclosable zipper or cap, or shaped pouches for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Competitive advantages of premade bags lies in the endless variety and complexity of possible shapes which meets the high consumer demands for modern package design.

PA-03 photo
Urania Horizontal Form Fill Seal Bagger Scale
Inventory #: G5030Featured

Used Urania Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Bagger and Scale with: Bucket Conveyor Infeed height: 21 inches Infeed tangent: 68 inches Bucket dimensions: Length: 15...

RP-84T/Z-36 photo
PSG Lee RP 8TZ36 Pre-Made Pouch Packager System
Inventory #: G4889

Used PSG Lee Pouch Packager with: Output: up to 40 pouches per minute Pouch size range: Minimum (inches): 6.3 wide x 6 high Maximum (inches): 11.4 wide x 16.9 high Maximum weight: up...

MB3 photo
Bosch Holler MB3 Seed Filling and Cold Glue Sealer
Inventory #: G1667

Used Bosch Holler MB3 Seed Filling and Cold Glue Sealer with: For filling loose free flowing granular material into: Flat paper bags Seed packets Small envelopes Adjustable...

HC 60/15 photo
Westdickenberg HC 60/15 Seed Pouch Filler
Inventory #: G1668

Used Westdickenberg HC 60/15 Seed Pouch Filler with: Fills and seals paper envelopes from 2 inches wide x 3 inches high to 5 inches wide x 7 inches high Stainless steel glue wheel uses cold liquid glue...

8SZ-450 photo
Viking Solpac 8SZ-450 Bagger
Inventory #: G1308

Used Viking Solpac 8SZ-450 Bagger Only with: Allen-Bradley controls Previously ran 5-15 pound bags of whey protein at 15 bags per minute A roll of bags is loaded into the machine, the machine opens...

P6O photo
Bodolay Packaging P6O Premade Bag Filler
Inventory #: D9893

Used Bodolay Packaging Machine with: Package sizes capabilities: Non Gusset maximum single-up : 12" x 16"​ Non Gusset maximum two-up : 7" x 16" Gusseted maximum...

M7000 Jaguar M7000 photo
Pouch Machine M7000 Pre-Made Pouch Bagger HFFS
Inventory #: D5056

Used Jaguar M7000 Pre-Made Pouch Bagger HFFS with: Up to 20 bags per minute Bag range handling 4 inches to 12 inches wide x 19 inches long Maximum package weight: 20 pounds 400 bag magazine Transition...

BL 4/5 photo
Formost BL 4/5 Poly Bagger
Inventory #: D2505

Used Formost BL 4/5 Poly Bagger with: Left Hand Delivery 4 Paddles Infeed Conveyor Dims: 114"L x 8-1/2"W Outfeed Conveyor Dims: 96"L x 22"W 230V 60Hz 3Ph 150 PSI Max ...

Bagger Boss™ DHP 2-Lane Bagger photo
Boss Packaging Automatic Bagger
Inventory #: D1920Featured

Used Boss Packaging Automatic Bagger with: Custom built feed conveyor for hamburger patties Horizontal fill Bag width: 4 inches to 12 inches Bag height: 4 inches to 24 inches Bag Magazine Capacity:...

JRPM-8812 photo
JDD JRPM-8812 Rotary Pouch Machine
Inventory #: C1993

New JDD-ECHO JRPM-8812 Rotary Pouch Machine with: Pouch size range: Minimum: 3.25 inches wide x 4 inches tall Maximum: 8 inches wide x 12 inches tall Painted mild steel frame with...

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