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Used Pharmaceutical Rollstock Blister Sealer Equipment

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This type of blister machine packages tablets or capsules. Pharma rollstock blister equipment forms, fills, and seals the blister packages.

MB 451 photo
Marchesini MB 451 Blister Thermoformer
Inventory #: C7047

Used Marchesini MB 451 Blister Thermoformer with: Reel compartment holding forming material unit and splicing table Preheating and forming section, placed on the rear machine side Filling station, hosting...

E.A.S. Unit Dose photo
Klockner E.A.S. Unit Dose Blister Machine
Inventory #: C4138

Used Klockner E.A.S. Unit Dose Blister Machine with: 4 inch film width 4 inch tray width 24 inch long infeed 3 rows for raised blisters Push button controls Klockner Medipak Chiller Greydon...

H300 photo
Herrmann Ultrasonics H300 Blister Sealer
Inventory #: B9929

Used Herrmann Ultrasonics H300 with: The weld tools safely seal the foil This complete solution consists of an ultrasonic generator, stack, guiding rail, force build-up and drive system The compact,...

TF440 photo
Alma TF440 Blister Pack Machine
Inventory #: B4483

Used Alma TF440 Blister Pack Machine with: Outside dimensions (welding included) and inner dimensions of each single pack: Outer: 113 millimeters wide x 150 millimeters long Inner: 103 millimeters...

MPS Syringe Blister Packing Machine
Inventory #: B3937

Used MPS Syringe Blister Packing Machine with: Kahle Unscrambler and feeder Full PLC controls Stainless steel construction Pick and place suction cups

EAS UD600/4 photo
Pentapack EAS UD600-4 Blister Machine
Inventory #: A8786

Used Pentapack EAS UD600-4 Blister Machine with: Includes Markem Smartdate 3/W printer Air supply: 6 bar Stainless steel plate work 28-90 cycles per minute depending on product and sealing material...

BF50PLUS photo
Omar Automatic Blister Machine BF50Plus
Inventory #: A7835

Used Automatic Blistering Machine with: Model BF-50-PLUS Complete of accident protection Electric and electronic management PLC PROFACE Feed system through electrical axis controlled by Brushless...

DPP-250D photo
AL/PL Blister Packing Machine
Inventory #: A4906

Used AL/PL Blister Packing Machine with: Punching Frequency: 20-40times/min Punching Plate: 4plates/time Adjustable Scope of Travel: 30-120mm Packing Efficiency: 4800-9600 plates/H Max Forming...

S-400 photo
Mario Cricca S-400 Blister Sealer
Inventory #: A2264

Used Maria Cricca S-400 Blister Sealer with:

GMP photo
Elmac Mini Blister Model GMP
Inventory #: E6652

Used Elmac Mini Blister Model GMP with : Full GMP model With spares, chiller and 2HP compressor 2006 (never used)

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