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Used Pallet Sleever and Hooder Equipment

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A pallet hooder applies a hood or sleeve of film around a pallet and load. The film is slightly stretchy, and shrinks when exposed to heat. A pallet hooder applies the film from a roll, either as a tube of film or as perforated bags. A tube of film leaves an open top, while a bag encloses both the sides and top of the pallet. This creates a weather resistant seal, making a pallet hood an ideal wrapping for pallets that will be placed outside or in dirty environments. The pallet hooder either cuts the appropriate length of film or tears off a perforated bag, then stretches the material over the pallet. Some machines include a heat source to shrink the film to the pallet, or sometimes an employee uses a propane torch to apply heat.

Beumer Stretch Hood Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: D2099

Used Beumer Stretch Hood Stretch Wrapper with: Application: to wrap large pallets of product that require stability in shipping and storage Utilizes gusseted film tube material that is highly transparent...

Beumer Stretch Hooder
Inventory #: A2721

Used Beumer Stretch Hooder with: 460 volts / 3 Phase / 35 Amps / 60 Hz Wiring Diagram 805037 2008

Hot Pal 2000 photo
Thimon Pallet Sleeve Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: E4128

Used Thimon Pallet Sleeve Wrapper with:

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