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The difference between mixers and blenders is that mixers generally mix wet materials or dough, while blenders blend dry materials and powders. There are several types of mixers and blenders. This equipment may be designed to combine materials in continuous or batch style.

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Patterson Kelley 16 Quart Plastic Shell V Blender
Inventory #: G3101

Used Patterson Kelley Blender with: Capacity: 16 Quarts Maximum density: 125 pounds per square foot Includes: Intensifier bar (2) feed ports with covers Bottom center discharge ...

Rietz 340 Gallon SS Jacketed Dual Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G2523

Used Rietz Stainless Steel Jacketed Dual Ribbon Blender with: 340 gallon capacity Trough dimensions (inches): 60 length x 40 width x 32 depth Jacket rating: 30 psi at 210° Fahrenheit Ribbon width:...

CSL-4000-P-A photo
Cozzini CSL 4000 Screw Loader Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G2525

Used Cozzini Spiral Mixer with: Auger diameter: 9 inches Trough dimensions (inches): 70 length x 61.5 width x 51.5 depth Discharge port outer diameter: 3.5 inches 2 horsepower agitator motor

200DA photo
Leland 200 Pound SS Double Action Paddle Blender
Inventory #: G3046

Used Leland Blender with: Capacity: 200 pounds Agitation: Paddles Sigma blade Driven by 1 horsepower, 230 volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz drive motor Mix chamber: Stainless steel Tilt...

HR350 photo
Hobart HR350 Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl
Inventory #: G3048

Used Hobart Mixer with: Capacity: 350 pounds Hinged spiral arm Mixing bowl: Removable Stainless steel Single speed with reverse Bi-directional bowl rotation Programmable timer...

HLD-725 photo
FPEC HLD-725 5000 Pounds Stainless Paddle Blender
Inventory #: G1887Featured

Used FPEC HLD-725 5000 Pounds Paddle Blender with: Capacity: 5000 pounds Dual discharge Discharge width: 2 feet Discharge height: 4 feet Food grade stainless steel Dumper: Depth:...

510 photo
AFECO 510 37 Cubic Feet Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G1888Featured

Used AFECO 510 37.5 Cubic Feet Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 37.5 cubic feet or 1000 pounds Dual out-feed Discharge height: 4 feet Discharge width: 20 inches Food grade stainless steel...

4120 photo
Rannie 4120 Stainless Steel Homogenizer
Inventory #: G2796

Used Rannie 4120 Stainless Steel Homogenizer with: Single stage manual valve assembly Capacity: 500 - 1065 gallons per hour Plunger diameter: 400 millimeter 14,500 PSI tapered ball seat valve cylinder...

Shaffer 800 Pound 220 Cubic Foot Roller Bar Mixer
Inventory #: G2273

Used Shaffer 800 Pound 220 Cubic Foot Roller Bar Mixer with: 800 pound capacity at 65% absorption Approximately 220 cubic foot bowl volume Analog controls with F7 Yaskawa driver Slow and fast speeds...

Combicut T600 / Microcut MCHD 60 photo
Stephan Combicut and Microcut SS Emulsifying Line
Inventory #: G2945

Used Stephan Emulsifying Line with: Stephan T-600 Combicut Mixer Capabilities: Cutting Mixing Dispersing Heating Cooling Deaerating Emulsifying Capacity: Drum...

SP 75 photo
Kemper SP75 Stainless Steel Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G2958

Used Kemper Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: Flour: 165 pounds Dough: 265 pounds Includes: Stainless steel mix bowl with guarding Dimensions (inches): 31 diameter x 18 deep ...

Paul Abbe 6 Gal SS Jacketed and Vacuum Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G2871

Used Paul Abbe Mixer with: High viscosity mixer Capacity: Total: 6 gallons Working: 2.5 gallons Agitation: Double arm sigma Blade type: Z Driven by 3 horsepower, 460 volt, 3...

LOR Likwifier photo
Breddo LOR Likwifier 500 Gallon 125 HP Blender
Inventory #: G2504Can Rent

Used Breddo LOR Likqufier Liquefier Blender with: Capacity: 500 gallons 125 horsepower motor Man way diameter: 24 inches Outlet diameter: 3 inches Side mounted baffle 3 inlets Stainless...

LOR photo
Breddo LOR Likwifier 300 Gallon 60 HP Blender
Inventory #: G2515Can Rent

Used Breddo LOR Likqufier 300 Gallon Liquefier Blender with: Capacity: 300 gallons 60 horsepower motor CIP ball Man way diameter: 23.5 inches Stainless steel construciton Hinged man way door...

CPF-7 photo
Cozzini CPF 7 Positive Feed Emulsifier
Inventory #: G2264

Used Cozzini CPF 7 Emulsifier with: 7 inch diameter single or double plate/knife cutter 500 pound capacity hopper with variable speed feed pump Continuous or batch production Self adjusting desired...

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