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This equipment is used for the lifting of materials from floor to the desired height. The equipment can include a mechanism to rotate the load, tip the load, or to empty containers into another.

2-3K photo
AMFEC 2 3 K Stainless Column Loader Bowl Lift
Inventory #: G2407

Used AMFEC 2 3 K Stainless Column Loader Bowl Lift with: Discharge height: up to 84 inch 3 horsepower brake motor 1,000 pound lifting capacity Tapered loading track to assist cart positioning ...

201 Series photo
Morse 201 Series Portable Drum Roller
Inventory #: G6115

Used Morse Drum Roller with: Drum capacity: Diameter: 6 - 28 inches Height: up to 38 inches Adjustable to mixing 30 - 55 gallon drums Weight capacity: Liquid load: up to 500...

ELDR50048RCRCBSP photo
Easy Lift Equipment ELDR500 500 Pound Film Lift
Inventory #: G4049

Used Easy Lift Equipment ELDR500 Lift with: Lifting cart specifically designed to lift large, heavy rolls of film Lifting capacity: 500 pounds Maximum lift height: approximately 70 inches Film...

Creative Design Stainless Steel Toe Dumper
Inventory #: G6033

Used Creative Design Tot Dumper with: Load specs: Capacity: up to 1,100 pounds Maximum load height: 186 inches Lift forks: Length: 52 inches long Flat top: 4 inches wide Clamping...

TD-60 photo
Blentech Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tote Dumper
Inventory #: G6032

Used Blentech Tote Dumper with: Load specs: Load opening (inches): 46 wide x 36 high Maximum dump height: 67/68.5 inches Loading chute is welded in place Base elevated by 6 inches high...

LE photo
MTC LE Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tote Dumper
Inventory #: G6000

Used MTC Tote Dumper with: Low lift dumper Load capacity: Up to 4,000 pounds Fits approximately 54" x 50" totes @ 80" pivot Steel-it coated hydraulic cylinders Nylon...

T5 photo
Spiroflow T5 Stainless Steel Bulk Bag Unloader
Inventory #: G5858

Used Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader with: Fully automatic: Unloading Proportioning Transfer Meters ingredients by weight or volume Accommodates bulk or smaller bags of 50 pounds Removable...

Hapman Bulk Bag SuperSak Unloader with Hoist
Inventory #: G5806

Used Hapman Unloader with: Maximum bag load capacity: 4,000 pounds Includes: Bag support hopper Vibration discharge system Stainless steel receiving hopper Stainless steel flexible auger...

BagFlo 500-FL / FlexFlo S50 photo
FormPak Bulk Bag Unloader and Flex Screw Conveyor
Inventory #: G5300

Used FormPak Bag Unloader with: BagFlo 500FL Bulk Bag Unloader Bag loading system: 48" x 48" bag receiver Gyrator mounting plate Adjustable bag/adaptor supports for multiple...

25-6000 photo
IMCS 25-6000 Pneumatic Floor Level Tilt Table
Inventory #: G5365

Used IMCS 25-6000 Pneumatic Floor Level Tilt Table with: 2000 pound capacity Controlled by hand Operates hydraulically Low profile 44 inch x 44 inch table 52 degree tilt angle

133309 photo
IMS Automatic Floor Level Gaylord Tilter
Inventory #: G4236

Used Industrial Molding Supplies Gaylord Tilter with: Automatic, tilter begins to lift when the Gaylord weighs less than 900 pounds Floor level Gaylord box dimensions: 52 inches x 52 inches x 60 inches...

148775 photo
IMS 2500 Pound Gaylord Dumper 48 Inch Discharge
Inventory #: G3839

Used Industrial Molding Supplies Gaylord Dumper with: Lifting capacity: 2,500 pounds Stabilizer angles Rear stabilizer plate Dump height: 48 inches Hydraulic powered Painted, mild steel construction...

IBC 3000 photo
Taylor IBC 3000 Bulk Bag Filler 15 Bags Per Hour
Inventory #: G4535

Used Taylor IBC 3000 Bulk Bag Filler with: Taylor IBC 3000 Bulk Bag Filler can be used to fill intermediate bulk containers (IBC), totes or super sacks as well as drums or boxes with a variety of material...

OM2 photo
Taylor Products Manual OM2 Bagging Scale
Inventory #: G4159

Used Taylor Products Manual OM2 Bagging Scale with: Weight range: 15 - 110 pounds Depth from bin to floor line to floor: 68 - 72 inches Up to 12 bag per minute Mounting flange on hopper: 10.5 inch...

34-1001-000 photo
IMCS 34-1001-000 Bulk Bag Loading Station
Inventory #: G3680

Used IMCS 34-1001-000 Bulk Bag Loading Station with: Capacity: 4000 pounds Infeed diameter: 11.5 inches Discharge height: 59.5 inches Heavy steel frame Bag hooks for load stability

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