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Generators are designed to convert mechanical energy into electric energy. The mechanical energy source is typically an internal combustion engine. Generators can produce a direct current or an alternating current. Fuel types are usually diesel, propane, natural gas, etc.

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750DFGE-3874 photo
Cummings 750 KW Diesel Generator
Inventory #: D2686

Used Cummings 750 KW Diesel Generator with: 1400 Gallon tank Fully enclosed New batteries Used as back up power supply in the event of power loss Fires up in 13 seconds

LB-120 photo
The Electro Steam LB-120 Generator
Inventory #: D2508

Used The Electro Steam LB-120 Generator with: Stainless Steel on all Wetted Surfaces Motorized Automatic Flush and Drain Indirect Steam-to-Steam Condensate Return System Operating Pressures Above...

RG03224 photo
Generac Protector Series 32KW Generator
Inventory #: D1822

Used Generac Protector Series 32KW Liquid Cooled NG/LP Generator, with: 32 KW Protector Series Quietsource 1800 RPM Fuel Pressure Regulator 2.4L Turbo charged Aluminum Enclosure

MK 150KD photo
Hammond Power Solutions MK 150KD Transformer
Inventory #: C8661

Used Hammond Power Solutions MK150KD Transformer with: Type: general purpose distribution transformer Primary voltage: 480 Winding material: aluminum Enclosure: Nema 3R Temperature rise: 150 degrees...

350KW photo
Kohler 350KW Generator Diesel Fueled w/ Enclosure
Inventory #: B7535

Used Kohler 350KW Generator with: Diesel fueled Standby Rated at 350 kw / 438 kva, 3 Phase @ 0.8 PF Currently Setup 277/480 Volt, 3 Phase (526 Amps) 12 Lead Reconnectable 60 Hertz, 1800 RPM ...

91A03009-S photo
Generac 91A03009-S Back-Up Generator
Inventory #: B5897

Used Generac 91A03009-S Back-Up Generator with: KVA: 50.0 Power factor: 1.0 1800 RPM Fully enclosed 773 operation hours Diesel powered

3512C GD photo
Caterpillar 3512CGD Generator with Enclosure
Inventory #: B1689

Used Caterpillar 3512CGD Generator with Enclosure with: Output: 1875 kVa 1500 kW .8 cosine 60 hertz Generator Data: 480 volts 2255 amps Sub-transient X"D:...

99a03791-s photo
Generac 99A03791-S 300kw Generator
Inventory #: B1771

Used Generac 99A03791-S Generator with: EPA compliant Power matched output Industrial grade Encapsulated board Surface mount technology Provides vibration resistance

45EM photo
Ocan 45EM Electric Generator
Inventory #: A4217

Used Ocan Electric Generator with: Natural gas 6 cylinder 45kW 340 hours

2000 Series photo
Generac 2000 Series Generator
Inventory #: E8416

Used Senerac 2000 Series Generator with: 135 Hours total run time Skid mounted

115R78 photo
Kohler Electric Plant Generator Model 115R78
Inventory #: E5098R

Used Kohler Electric Generator with: LP Gas Battery Volts: 24 Continuous Specs: 100 kw, 125 K.V.A., 301 Amps Standby Specs: 115 kw, 143.75 K.V.A., 346 Amps 1800 RPM

Spectrum photo
Air Products Spectrum Nitrogen Gas Generator
Inventory #: E4947

Used Nitrogen Gas Generator with: National Board #287 200 PSI at 250 Deg. F

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