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Deboners remove bones from meat, this includes beef, poultry, fish, and pork. There are several different methods for this process. A belt conveyor or hanging system brings product to an operator station. Operators debone the meat, saved desired pieces, and discard the scraps. Another method is a punch method which forces the bone out through a hole and leaves behind the meat. The scrape method holds the bone in place and removes the meat from the bone. Finally, the separator method uses a squeezing belt to feed the product to a perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. The solid components remain outside the drum, thereby separating the meat from the bones.

MBA Poultry Deboner
Inventory #: C6135

Used MBA Poultry Deboner with: Application: remove bones from chicken Capacity: approximately 100 pieces per minute Stainless steel construction

Horizontal Punch Drum Turkey Deboner
Inventory #: C6914

Used Horizontal Punch Drum Turkey Deboner with: Punches bone from turkey legs Includes multiple fittings for different bone sizes Air driven On casters for ease of mobility

D-100 photo
Dapec D-100 Chicken Thigh Deboner
Inventory #: C4093

Used Dapec D-100 Chicken Thigh Deboner with: Application: debone approximately 100 legs/thighs per minute Stainless steel constructed heads for easy cleaning and sanitation

PDE-500 photo
Poss PDE-500 Bone Separator
Inventory #: C3874

Used Poss PDE-500 Bone Separator with: Input capacity: 1,100 - 3,300 pounds Single screw construction Heavy duty, stainless steel construction Drive unit: 20 horsepower, 15 kilowatts Less than...

G 450/650 photo
Marel 16 Station Product Processing Conveyor
Inventory #: C1541

Used Marel G 450/650 Product Processing Conveyor with: 16 operator stations Pneumatic swing arms divert product from the infeed conveyor to an operator station. The operator processes product to desired...

Pro-MM-Bin S photo
Marel 6 Station Manual Product Processing Conveyor
Inventory #: C1540

Used Marel Pro-MM-Bin S Manual Product Processing Conveyor with: 6 operator stations Pneumatic swing arms divert product from the infeed conveyor to an operator station. The operator processes product...

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