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Used Air Handling Equipment

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This type of equipment pressurizes and stores air to be converted to power. The power of an air compressor is measured in horsepower (HP) and cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). Positive displacement air compressors include piston type, rotary screw, and vane compressors. A centrifugal compressor is a negative displacement air compressor. Most industrial air compressors produce pressurization of approximately 100 pounds per square inch (psi).

DA-13 photo
Sullair DA-13 Air Compressor
Inventory #: B9599

Used Sullair DA-13 Air Compressor with: DS-13, 100 hp Two stage, rotary, oil-free, screw compressor Rated capacity: 430 to 800 cfm, 100 to 150 psig 2 inch NPT Oil requirements: 10 gallons,...

DES-1150-55-E photo
SATS DES-1150-55-E Dehumidifer
Inventory #: B9429

Used SATS DES-1150-55-E Dehumidifer with: Industrial Duty - Dry desiccant dehumidifiers Versatile: Space or process conditioning, Controls relative humidity or dew point Flexible: Many pre-designed...

GA55 photo
Atlas Copco CA55 55 Horsepower Compressor
Inventory #: B8965

Used Atlas Copco GA55 Air Compressor with: 55 hp Forklift holes Air pressure switch Oil pressure safety switch HP air inlet temperature safety switch Bleed off pressure safety switch ...

F-35-1 photo
Arrow Dryers F-35-1 Air Dryer
Inventory #: B5672

Used Arrow Air F-25-1 Dryer with: Compr air capacity 35 scfm Design pressure 250 psig Compr hp 1/4 Refrigerant type R134A Charge 0 pounds 12 ounces Design pressure high side 400 psig Design...

Z-08 photo
Zentox Z-08 Indoor Air Purification System
Inventory #: B5678

Used Zentox Z-08 Indoor Air Purification System with: Indoor air purifier Ideally for Homes Daycares Waiting rooms Hospitals Office buildings Laboratories Is effective...

BP25 photo
BP25 Air Compressor
Inventory #: B5670

Used BP25 Air Compressor with: FAD 88 CFM Working temperature of 32-104 degrees F LCD controller Electric motor and belt driven

Kinoian Rooftop Air Compressor
Inventory #: B7963

Used Kinoian Air Compressor with: Rooftop air compressor Brand new never put into service

1025 photo
Sullair 1025 25 Horsepower Air Compressor
Inventory #: B6942

Used Sullair 1025 Air Compressor with: 25 horsepower motor Maximum pressure: 125 PSIG

Compuair Cyclone Compressor
Inventory #: B5505

Used Compuair Cyclone Compressor with: 575 volts 3 phase 60 hz Working condition

DXR75 photo
Ingersoll Rand DXR75 Compressed Air Dryer
Inventory #: B7188R

Used Ingersoll Rand DXR75 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer with: 250 max inlet air pressure (psig) 130 degrees Fahrenheit Max inlet air temp 1 inch diameter inlet pipe fitting .75 diameter outlet...

40 photo
Quincy 40 Horsepower Air Compressor
Inventory #: B6481

Used Quincy 40 Horsepower Air Compressor with: Air pressure gauge Air outlet temperature gauge Oil inlet temperature gauge Percent capacity gauge

KCFI 0608 photo
Gardner-Denver Air Compressor KCFI 0608
Inventory #: B6482

Used Gardner-Denver Air Compressor with: 15 horsepower motor Discharge pressure and temperature digital readers

SSR-EP50SE photo
Ingersoll Rand SSR-EP50SE 194 CFM Air Compressor
Inventory #: B6941

Used Ingersoll Rand SSR-EP50SE Air Compressor with: Capacity: 194 CFM Rated operating pressure: 125 PSIG Maximum discharge pressure: 128 PSIG Maximum modulate pressure: 128 PSIG Nominal drive...

SSR-EP50SE photo
Ingersoll Rand SSR-EP50SE Air Compressor
Inventory #: B6599

Used Ingersoll Rand SSR-EP50SE Air Compressor with: 50 horsepower moto, 208 cubic feet per minute at 125 psi Totally integrated package single-stage, rotary screw air end Maximum modulate pressure:...

RW-500 photo
Van Air Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer RW-500
Inventory #: B2960

Used Van Air Refrigerated Air Dryer RW-500 with: 500 max scfm at 100 psig 100 degree Fahrenheit R-22 refrigerant Hi side test 440 psig Low side test 162 psig Maximum air side 150 psig ...

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