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SIGMA offers complete lines from a variety of industries. Complete lines consist of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory.

Nongshim Engineering Instant Noodles Complete Line
Inventory #: D1129

Used Nongshim Engineering Instant Noodles Complete Line with: Includes: Mixing water feeding system Mixer Dough Feeder Compound pressing machine Continuous roller Steamer Cutter...

Complete Bottling and Filling Tablet Line
Inventory #: D3287

Used Complete Bottling and Filling Tablet Line with: Kalish Bottle Unscrambler Model 7400 Year 1999 DT Lakso Slatt Counter DT Lasko Reformer 150/30 Model 93 Pharma...

Mecatherm Baguette and Artisan Production Line
Inventory #: D3188

Used Mecatherm Baguette & Artisan Production Line with: (4) San Cassiano FRC240 mixers with bowls San Cassiano bowl lifter Rademaker LSS line Hopper, divider (3) Forming stations ...

Brioche Bread Production Line
Inventory #: D3072

Used Brioche Bread Production Line with: Dough prep Spiromatic dosing station for flour, water and micro components VMI Verymix III double jacketed, horizontal mixer Capacity:...

Casa Herrera Flour Tortilla Press and Oven
Inventory #: D3077

Used Casa Herrera Flour Tortilla Press and Oven with: Includes: Spare belts & parts Loading tube 32 in. x 32 in. steel platens with 12 heaters per platen 10 HP hydraulic power...

Complete COMAS Imaforni Cupcake Line
Inventory #: D3078

Used Complete COMAS Imaforni Cupcake Line with: Format and capacity: 35 gram, round cupcakes: 567 kilograms per hour 30 gram, round cupcakes: 486 kilograms per hour 40 gram, round cupcakes:...

SFR TR photo
Konig Artisan SFR TR Complete Line
Inventory #: D3065

Used Konig Artisan SFR TR Complete Line with: Dough capacity: approximately 45 liters (12 gallons) Capacity up to 600 kg/h = approx. 6,000 pieces per hour at 5 row. Processing of dough with a TA of...

Various photo
Ruiz Food Equipment Corn Tortilla Line
Inventory #: D3037

Used Ruiz Food Equipment Corn Tortilla Line with: Model SCO-375 Single Row Corn Tortilla Oven Natural gas, 275,000 BTU Two cutter heads Stainless steel side panels and hood Interior heat...

LDS Powder Filling Complete Line
Inventory #: D2984

Used LDS Powder Filling Complete Line with: Includes: Bottle Unscrambler Rotary (2) Head powder filler New England Machinery Bottle unscrambler Palace Scoop Feeder with elevator and orientator...

Rademaker Complete Croissant Line
Inventory #: D2979

Used Rademaker Complete Croissant Line with: Capacity 5 rows 24.000 till 30.000 pieces per hour Cutting size 120 x 100 and 120 x 120 mm Executed in stainless steel 304 Drives SEW/Lenze/Grosschop/Mez/Nord...

KKM photo
Konig KKM Bun and Roll Line and Proofer
Inventory #: D2973

Used Konig KKM Bun and Roll Line and Proofer with: Includes: Dough hopper With teflonized inner surfaces Automatic oiling unit Dough capacity of 240 Liter Rex Automat...

PO photo
Triapex PO Bottle Filling Line
Inventory #: D2936

Used Triaplex PO Bottle Filling Line with: Application: custom built for bottling viscous product in wide range of bottle sizes Capacity/Speed: up to 264 gallons per minute Rotating feeding table ...

400 Dozen per Hour Corn Tortilla Line
Inventory #: D2658

Used Corn Tortilla Line with: Output: approximately 300 - 500 dozen per hour Superior Food Machinery HDMF6-2 Masa Feeder Extruder Extrudes masa into tortilla former/cooker Stainless steel construction...

270015 photo
Inline 270015 Automatic 6 Head Filling Line
Inventory #: D2720

Used Inline 270015 Automatic Filling Line with: Inline Filling Machine: Expandable filling heads Operator needed only for loading Semi Automatic Single Servo Pump Filling Machine ...

Rondo Imaforni Biscuit and Minicakes Complete Line
Inventory #: D2750

Used Rondo Imaforni Biscuit and Minicakes Complete Line with: Includes: Oakes slurry and biscuit turbo cream mixer for 1000 kg/hour production Surepack carton forming box Clement FLOWPACK...

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