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This type of equipment erects a case from a case blank. The case blanks are pre-scored, and are loaded into a magazine while folded flat. The case is typically formed through the use of pin & dome systems (mechanical) or vacuum assisted systems (pneumatic), or a combination of both. The bottom of the case can be sealed with tape or glue, or the flaps of the closure can be folded but left unsealed. Case erectors may be semi-automatic or automatic, and are able to assemble many different container types such as bliss boxes, partitioned cases, or bag in box.

Micro 100 photo
Pro Engineering Micro 100 Bottle Carrier Erector
Inventory #: D7106

Used Pro Engineering Micro 100 Bottle Carrier Erector with: Application: erects 4-pack or 6-pack bottle carriers then inserts carriers into a case PLC / HMI controls Small footprint Erects up to...

CF5/AF photo
Little David CF5/AF Semi-Automatic Case Erector
Inventory #: D6641

Used Little David CF5/AF Case Erector with: Capable of handling a variety of case sizes Ergonomic design PLC drive Adjustable slide and lock legs Case is first formed, then hand packed by the...

HPE-NS photo
Marq HPE NS Automatic Case Erector
Inventory #: D6601

Used Marq Case Erector with: Maximum output: up to 40 cases per minute (depending on case length) Bottom case seal: 3 Inch tape head Case size range: Minimum: 10 inches long x...

C-300 photo
Lantech C 300 Automatic Case Erector
Inventory #: D6427

Used Lantech Case Erector with: Maximum output: up to 10 cases per minute Case size range: Minimum: 7.875 inches long x 5.875 wide x 5.875 High Maximum: 19.625 inches long x 13.75 inches wide...

Superformer-1M photo
OK International Superformer-1M Tape Case Erector
Inventory #: D5413

Used OK International Superformer-1M Case Erector with: 2 inch bottom tape head Case size range: Minimum: 8 inches long x 6 inches wide x 3 inches tall Maximum: 18 inches long x 14 inches wide...

130T photo
ABC Packaging 130T Tape Side Seal Case Erector
Inventory #: D5392R

Used ABC Packaging 130T Case Erector with: Erects and seals the bottom of cardboard cases while they are turned on their side 2 inch tape head Approximate case size range: Minimum: 7 inches...

Atlanta Paper Semi-Automatic Case Erector
Inventory #: D6283

Used Atlanta Paper Semi-Automatic Case Erector with: Previous application: erect 4 pack-carton for glass bottles Magazine dimensions: 48 inches high x 11 inches wide Foot pedal control .5 horsepower...

Stone Packaging Glue Bottom Case Erector
Inventory #: D6284

Used Stone Packaging Glue Bottom Case Erector with: Application: erects and seals the bottom flaps of boxes Previous case dimensions: 19.75 inches high x 26 inches wide Hot glue Capacity: up to 10...

WFT photo
Wexxar WFT Tape Bottom Seal Case Erector
Inventory #: D5196

Used Wexxar WFT Case Erector Sealer with: Output: up to 20 cases per minute Case blank size range: Minimum: 16 inches long x 12 inches tall Maximum: 36 inches long x 26.5 inches tall ...

Bemis 3104013890D Case Erector
Inventory #: D5571

Used Bemis 3104013890D Case Erector with: Push button controls Manual load Jet-A-Mark 1104 coder

WF-20T photo
Wexxar WF-20T Automatic Tape Bottom Case Erector
Inventory #: D4793R

Used Wexxar WF-20T Case Erector with: Fully automatic case erector Output: up to 20 cases per minute, depending on case size range Compatible with RSC or HSC cases Utilizes pin-and-dome technology,...

R350 photo
RA Pearson R350 Tape Case Erector
Inventory #: D4875

Used RA Pearson Company R350 Tape Case Erector with: Allen-Bradley PLC controls Allen-Bradley PanelView 300 HMI Casters Side seal tape case erector Large cases Lugged chain conveyor centers:...

CF-50T photo
Little David CF50 Tape Case Former Erector
Inventory #: D3965R

Used Little David CF50T Case Former with: Production speed: up to 20 cases per minute Case size range: Minimum: 7 inches long x 6 inches wide x 4 inches high Maximum: 24 inches long...

CF40 T photo
Loveshaw Little David CF40 Tape Case Erector
Inventory #: D3964R

Used Loveshaw Little David CF40 T Case Erector with: Allen-Bradley micro-processor Large powered blank hopper with easy loading height Case size range: Minimum: 7 inches long x 6 inches wide...

720E photo
Wepackit 720E Case Erector
Inventory #: D5261

Used Wepackit 720E Case Erector with: Application: fully automatic case erector Small footprint that can be used as a stand alone station or integrated into a case packaging line Production speeds range...

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