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This type of tank is designed for temperature control. Jacketed tanks can keep a product either hot or cold by circulating fluid. They can be horizontally or vertically oriented. Some also have agitators inside to mix products.

Casale 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Vacuum Processor
Inventory #: G6059

Used Casale Vacuum Processor Tank with: Capacity: 500 gallons Jacket: Coverage: full Rated: 30 psig Agitation: Dual agitators, single motion Side and bottom scraper...

600 Gal photo
Creamery Packaging 600 Gal SS Jacketed Mix Tank
Inventory #: G4418

Used Tank with: Capacity: 600 gallons Jacket: Dimpled Rated: 50 psi Agitation: Top mounted (2) Vertical agitator blades Driven by 3 horsepower, 208/230/460 volt, 3 Ph,...

600VG photo
Mojonnier 600VG Bulk Milk Cooler Jacketed Tank
Inventory #: G2943

Used Mojonnier 600VG Bulk Milk Cooler with: Capacity: 600 gallons Approximate tank dimensions: 108 inches long x 40 inches deep x 48 inch diameter Horizontal orientation Jacketed Three hinged...

600 Gal photo
Stainless Fabrication 600 Gal Triple Motion Tank
Inventory #: G2971

Used Tank with: Capacity: 600 gallons Pressure: Jacket: 150 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Internal: 15 psi (atmospheric) @ 300° Fahrenheit Agitation: Top mounted: Scrape...

VME-2400 photo
Fryma VME 2400 SS Vacuum Processing Tank
Inventory #: G2972

Used Process Tank with: Capacity: Liters: 2400 Gallons: 635 Pressure ratings: Jacket: 36.26 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Internal: -14.5 / +14.5 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit ...

750 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactor Tank
Inventory #: G1660

Used Reactor Tank with: Capacity: 750 gallons Dish top Cone bottom Pressure ratings: Jacket: 101 psi @ 338° Fahrenheit Vessel: Full vacuum 115 psi @ 275° Fahrenheit Top...

500 D9MS photo
Lee 500 Gallon SS Jacketed Dual Motion Mix Tank
Inventory #: D9907

Used Lee Tank with: Capacity: 500 gallons Jacket: Rated 90 psi @ 332° Fahrenheit Dual agitation: Anchor style scrapes: 5 per side Drive: 7.5 horsepower, 230/460 volt motor...

500U13S photo
Lee 500 Gallon Jacketed Dual Motion Mix Tank
Inventory #: D8428

Used Lee Kettle with: Capacity: 500 gallons Jacket: Dual heat zones Rated: 100 psi @ 350° Fahrenheit Dual agitation: Crossbars Scrape agitator Bottom center...

500 Gallon Steel Water Jacketed Tank
Inventory #: D7536

Used Jacketed Tank with: Capacity: 500 gallons Dimensions: 54 inch diameter x 52 inches high Hinged man way cover Man way diameter: 22 inches Full jacket Cart mounted for transport Stainless...

750 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank
Inventory #: D6112

Used Tank with: Capacity: approximately 750 gallons Tank dimensions: 48 inch straight side x 64 inch diameter Jacketed Hinged lid Bottom center outlet Outlet diameter: 2.5 inches Cone...

DCI 500 Gallon Jacketed Double Motion Mixing Tank
Inventory #: D5483Featured

Used DCI 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank with: Jacketed tank Double motion mixing tank MAWP: 125/-15 psi @ 375 fahrenheit MDMT: -20 degrees F @ 135/-15 psi Volume: 5.8 Gallons...

F photo
Mueller F 528 Gallon Stainless Steel Reactor
Inventory #: D6264

Used Mueller Reactor with: Capacity: 528 gallons/2000 liters 316L Stainless steel construction Dish top and bottom Internal rated 40 psi/full vacuum @ -20 to 350 degrees fahrenheit Jacket: ...

4HRFM96 photo
Lee 600 Gallon Stainless Steel Reactor
Inventory #: D6258

Used Lee Reactor with: Capacity: 600 gallons 1/2 Pipe jacket High speed Greerco disperser Polished internal rated 15/FV @ 100 degrees and 100 psi @ 338 degrees on jacket Greerco 15 horsepower,...

86531-316LSS photo
720 Gallon Stainless Steel Processing Tank
Inventory #: D5720

Used Processing Tank with: Capacity: 720 Gallons Vertical design Hinged lid 316 L stainless steel construction Outlet diameter: 3 inches

13183 photo
750 gallon Hans Kock Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: D5083

Used Hans Kock Tank with: 750 gallon 2 Manway doors Top diameter: 13 inches Side: 16 inches wide x 12.5 inches tall 1 inlet: 3.75 inches 1 outlet: 4 inches

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