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Used 11HP and above Motor Equipment

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Electric motor is an electrical device that converts electrical current or energy into mechanical rotational energy. The reverse of this is the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy and is done by an electric generator. Electrical motors can be powered by direct current (DC) such as batteries, motor vehicles or rectifiers or by alternating current (AC) sources, such as from the power grid, inverters or generators. There are many different types of motor equipment, including standard motors, variable speed rated, motors with built-in gearboxes, and servo motors

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5K4234Y2WF32 photo
General Electric 15 Horse Power Electric Motor
Inventory #: C7014

Used General Electric 15 Horse Power Electric Motor with: 15 horse power 1760 rotations per minute Motor and gear box has been reconditioned Gear box has two new gears

Super E photo
Baldor Electric Super E 125 Horsepower Motor
Inventory #: C4462

Used Baldor Electric Super E 125 Horsepower Motor with: 3600 RPM 444TS Frame

Severe Duty XEX photo
Baldor 15 Horsepower Severe Duty XEX Motor
Inventory #: C4460

Used Baldor 15 Horsepower Severe Duty XEX Motor with: 1765 RPM 254T frame Model Severe duty XEX

Baldor 15 Horsepower Motor
Inventory #: C4459

Used Baldor 15 Horsepower Motor with: 1765 RPM 254T frame

ICM photo
Marathon (ICM) 200 Horsepower Motor
Inventory #: C4461

Used Marathon (ICM) 200 Horsepower Motor with: 1800 RPM 445TS frame

AEHH8B photo
Nema 100 Horsepower Motor
Inventory #: C4418

Used Nema 100 Horsepower Motor with: 1800 RPM 405T frame MAX E2/481 NEMA

Baldor 300 Horsepower Motor
Inventory #: C4417

Used Baldor 300 Horsepower Motor with: Explosion proof Used for CIP 1780 RPM 449T frame P-07858

3-phase motor, 370-415 KW, max. 3300 rpm photo
Siemens 3 Phase Motor
Inventory #: C1005

Used Siemesn 3 Phase Motor with: 370-415 KW Maximum 3300 rpm

SKS4035LW224CH photo
General Electric Pump Motor
Inventory #: B9569

General Electric Pump Motor 150 horsepower at 380 volts Maximum inlet water temperature: 34 Degrees Celsius

P28G1083E photo
Reliance 60 HP Motor P28G1083E Quantis Gearbox
Inventory #: B3865

Used Reliance Electric Motor with: Reliance Electric motor Model number: P28G1083E HP base and max: 60-90 Rpm base and max: 1775-2660 460 volts 3 phase 31 amps ...

280S 4B-51 photo
ATB 75 HP Motor Model 280S/4B-51
Inventory #: E5044

Used ATB Motor with: IEC 2805 IMB3 2000 Nr. 2088-1001/1 75 kW or approximately 100 HP 1475 rpm 2500 rpm maximum speed with constant output 580 kg total weight 485 Nm rated torque

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