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Kaps All Model A 6 Spindle Inline Bottle Capper
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Equipment Details

Equipment # M1442
Item Kaps All Model A 6 Spindle Inline Bottle Capper
Category Automatic Capping Machine
Manufacturer   Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc.
Model A6
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Equipment Description

Used Kaps-All Capper with:

  • Output: up to 200 bottles per minute
  • Spindles:
    • Number of sets: 3
    • Total spindles: 6
    • 2 Torque control clutches on last pair
  • Cap specs:
    • All materials & styles
    • Sizes: 8 - 70 millimeters
  • Containers:
    • Glass
    • Metal 
    • Plastic
    • Vials up to 2.5 gallons
  • Dual gripper belts
  • Centrifugal cap feeder bowl
  • Conveyor: 4.5 inches wide
  • Speed controls for cap feeder, cap bin, spindle speed
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces

Location Details:

Northeast US

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Call us at (812) 303-8383.

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