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Wexxar Belcor 615T Tape Case Erector
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Equipment Details

Equipment # R34985
Item Wexxar Belcor 615T Tape Case Erector
Category Case Erector
Manufacturer   Wexxar Bel
Model 615T
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This piece of equipment is for rent only.

Equipment Description

Used Wexxar Belcor 615T Tape Case Erector with:

  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controls
  • 2 inch tape head
  • Pin and dome case erecting
  • Screw down leveling feet
  • Case Dimensions:
    • Flat case width (A) dimensions: 16 inches minimum – 38 inches maximum
    • Flat case height (B) dimensions:  12 inches minimum – 29 inches maximum
    • Case length (C) dimensions: 10 inches minimum – 22 inches maximum
    • Case width (D) dimensions:  6 inches minimum – 16 inches maximum
    • Formed case height (E) dimensions:  9 inches minimum– 24 inches maximum
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Door safety interlocks
  • Maximum speed: 15 cases/minute
  • Set-up for left hand cases
  • Approximate weight: 1300 pounds
  • Overall dimensions:
    • Length: 120 inches
    • Width: 54 inches
    • Height: 92 inches

Location Details:

Evansville, IN

This machine is located at SIGMA Equipment's warehouses in Evansville, IN. You are always welcome to visit, however we request 48 hours notice to ensure access to your requested machine.

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