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ACASI RA 3200 42
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Equipment Details

Equipment # E17270
Item ACASI RA 3200 42" Diameter Accumulating Rotary Table
Category Accumulators
Manufacturer   ACASI Machinery Inc.
ACASI Machinery
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Equipment Description

New ACASI Machinery RA 3200 Accumulating Rotary Table with:

  • Production output rate:
    • Up to 150 containers per minute
  • Table diameter: 42 inches
  • Adjustable height range:
    • 34 to 38 inches
  • Motor: 3 phase AC
  • Variable speed control by VFD
  • Stainless steel construction mounted on 4 legs

Inspection Recommendation

An on-site inspection is the only way to truly evaluate a machine's fit for your needs. An inspection prior to purchase will help avoid unexpected delays and ensure a positive used equipment purchasing experience.

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