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Kettles are used for cooking or heating products. Common sizes with capacities larger than 250 gallons include 350 gallon, 450 gallon, and 500 gallon kettles. Kettles of this size are commonly used for large batches. Jacketed kettles can use steam, electric or gas for heating. Some kettles have different kinds of internal agitation or no agitation at all. Internal agitation can include scrape surface which passes a brass or metal scraper along the inside of the kettle to remove the product from the kettle walls. Some kettles have an anchor or upside-down Christmas tree agitator which mixes the product without touching the sides.

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Lee 250 Gallon Dual Agitation and Scrape Stationary Steam Kettle

Used Steam Kettle With: Capacity: 250 gallon Dual agitation Scrape surface Mild steel outer jacket Stainless steel food contact cook surface Air requirements: 125 psi @ 650 Fahrenheit

300A55 photo
Lee 300A55 300 Gallon Single Agitation And Scrape Jacketed Steam Kettle

Used Jacketed Steam Kettle With: Capacity: 300 gallon Single agitation Stainless steel legs Bottom air valve Driven by a 2 horsepower motor Air requirements: 100 psi @ 350 fahrenheit Previously...

Groen 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle

Used 500 Gallon Kettle With: No agitation Jacket rating: 100 psi Stainless steel construction Approximate dimensions: 61 outside diameter x 59.5 inside diameter x 53 deep (inches)

1000U9MS photo
Lee Industries 1000 Gallon SS Jacketed Kettle

Used Lee Kettle with: Capacity: 1000 gallons Straight top, cone bottom Jacketed: Coverage: side walls Rated: approximately 25 psi @ -20 - 353° Agitation: Anchor style agitator with scrapers...

Sani Fab 650 Gallon Stainless Steel Processor Kettle With Agitation

Used Processor Kettle With: Capacity: 650 gallons Dome top, cone bottom Jacketed: Coverage: side wall Rated: 75 psi at 200° Fahrenheit Straight side: (4) 1.5 inch jacket connections Bottom...

FT300 photo
Dover FT300 300 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Kettle

Used Dover Kettle with: 300 gallon capacity Spherical bottom Open top Bottom center 90° discharge Propellor agitator Side and bottom sweep 6 blades Mounted on frame Stainless steel...

1000 D9MS photo
Lee Industries 1000 D9MS Food Processing Kettle

Used Lee Industries 1000 D9MS Food Processing Kettle with: Features 2 inlets Diameter: 6 inches Diameter: 11 inches Features 5 outlets with a diameter of 2.5 inches Includes support frame ...

Lee 500 Gallon Stainless Jacketed Double Motion Kettle, Tilt Out Agitation

Used Lee 500 Gallon Kettle with: Stainless Double motion Jacketed: Rating: 90 psi @ 332 F Hinged lid National board: 4022 Side mounted cylinder for auto tilt-out scraper assembly Bottom...

Lee D9MSI Stainless Jacketed Kettle 300 Gallons

Used Lee D9MSI Kettle with: Capacity: 300 gallons National board number: 8409 MAWP: 90 PSI at 332 degrees Fahrenheit MDMT: -20 degrees Fahrenheit at 90 PSI Infeed height: 93 inches Discharge...

American Process 250 Gallon Jacketed Kettle

Used American Process Kettle with: Capacity: 250 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: 1/2 Rated: 125 psi @ 355° Fahrenheit Hydro tested to 216 psi Agitation: Anchor style scrape agitator NOTE:...

INA/2/TA-300 photo
Groen 300 Gallon SS Dual Motion Jacketed Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: 300 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: 1/2 Rated: 100 psi @ 338° Fahrenheit Agitation: Inclined scrape agitator Secondary center paddle mixer Separate drive...

300 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 300 Gallon SS Dual Motion Jacketed Kettle

Used Cherry Burrell Kettle with: Capacity: 300 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: side wall Rated: 150 psi @ 400° Fahrenheit Agitation: Side & bottom scrape Center 4 blade turbine Each...

340 Gallon Stainless Steel Agitated Kettle

Used Stainless Steel Kettle: Capacity: 340 gallons Top opening diameter: 16 inches Outlet diameter: 4 inches Propeller agitation Stainless steel construction Has Clean In Place 1.5 kilowatt motor...

250 GALLON photo
Groen 250 Gallon Hemispherical Stainless Kettle

Used Groen 250 Gallon Kettle with: Kettle capacity: 250 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: half Rated: 90 PSI @ 350° Fahrenheit Stainless agitator mount and thermowell port (instrument not...

300 Gal photo
Groen 300 Gallon SS Triple Motion Jacketed Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: 300 gallons Jacketed: Rated: 100 psi Coverage: 3/4 Agitation: Bridge mounted Anchor style scrape agitator Vertical tree mixer High...

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