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Sortation machines can be put into three categories: maintained orientation line sorting, right angle line sorting, and loop sortation. Maintained orientation machines keep the object being sorted in the same orientation; if a box is going down the line lengthwise, it will continue to go down the line lengthwise after sorting. Right angle line sorting changes the orientation of the product, which can save space for storage. Loop sortation machines have a continuous loop that deposits products by tipping them off trays or rolling them off belts. Some conveyors have more than one belt on them which creates different lanes. Transfer conveyors create a smooth way to transfer products onto other conveyors to prevent damage.

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Chantland Horizontal Dual Belt Bag Flattener with Transfer Conveyor 24"Lx12"W

Used Chantland Bag Flattener and Transfer Conveyor: Transfer conveyor: Length: 48 inches Width: 22 inches Turning wheel Steel bag chute: Width: 26 inches Bag Flattener: Length: 128...

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ACSAI Stainless Steel Gap Transfer Conveyor

New ACASI Stainless Steel Gap Transfer Conveyor: Maximum width: 6.5 inches Minimum width: .75 inches Manual and cranks Belt length: 25 inches Belt discharge height: 37 inches...

Multi-Conveyor Dual Belt Transfer Conveyor

Used Dual Belt Conveyor With: (2) 4 inch belts Pneumatic push arm and product stopper Adjustable height: Currently at 24 inches Dimensions: Length: 13.5 feet Width: 13.5 inches 0.5 HP...

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