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This type of equipment is used to remove solids from a liquid, or to separate liquids of different densities or viscosities. Many models of sifting and separating equipment allow the use of aids to make the sifting process more effective. Some variations of equipment use added liquid or air bursts to move the products through the sifter and provide a more thorough sifting stage. This equipment is commonly used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and dairy industries.

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Sweco US48S88 Single Deck Vibrating Screen Separator

Used Sweco Separator with: Single deck Sifter diameter: 48 inches Discharge dimensions: Diameter: 7.5 inches Height: 28 inches Overall approximate dimensions: Diameter: 60 inches Height:...

CF-125 photo
Micro Separator CF-125 Centrifugal Separator

Micro Separator CF-125 Centrifugal Separator With: Max bowl speed 2000 RPM rated @ 45 GPM self-cleaning 3.75 gal rotor volume Grinder container dimensions: Diameter: 60 inches Height: 42 inches...

SEPAmatic 410 photo
Modernpack Sepamatic 410 Soft Belt Separator

Used Modernpack Sepamatic 410 Soft Belt Separator with: Product conveying capacity: 440 to 1763 pounds per hour 200 to 800 kilograms per hour Perforated drum speed: 29 rotations per minute...

2000 photo
Modernpack Sepamatic 2000 Bone Separator

Used Separator With: Output: 400 kilograms per hour Drum: 3 millimeters Complete with infeed conveyor Electrical requirements: 3 phase, 50 hertz, 380/415 volt

250-V photo
Forsberg 250-V Vacuum Gravity Separator with Fan

Used Forsberg Vacuum Gravity Separator with: Vaccum gravity air system Adjustable divider blades High grade steel Weight: 3,900 pounds Dimensions: Length: 85 inches Width: 139 inches 3 horsepower...

RSA 60-01-076 photo
Westfalia RSA 60-01-076 Oil Separator

Used Westfalia Oil Serparator with: Output: Rated @ 13,000 Liters per hour Maximum bowl speed: 6460 RPM Driven by a 20 horsepower motor 316 Stainless steel construction Electrical requirements:...

CA31T photo
Frautech CA31T Centrifugal Separator

Used Frautech CA31T Centrifugal Seperator with: Product last ran: Milk Bowl capacity: 8 liters Sludge chamber capacity: 3.5 liters Bowl rotating speed: 6600 rotations per minute...

K84/100 - 1FBC photo
Kason Model K84/100-1FBC Triple Deck Sifter Separator 72" Diameter

Used Kason Sifter Separator with: Application: Separate solids from liquids Segregate dry materials by size Decks/screens: Triple deck unit Screens: 72 inches diameter Includes 2 outlets...

MRPX-214 photo
Alfa Laval MRPX-214 Stainless Steel Bowl Separator

Used Alfa Laval Bowl Separator With: Max bowl speed: 5000 RPM Output: Up to 12,500 liters per hour Control cabinet Electrical: Volts: 480 Frequency: 60 Hz Phase 3 Stainless...

LYNX 400 photo
Alfa Laval LYNX 400 Decanter Separator Centrifuge

Used Alfa Laval Centrifuge with: Capacity: Feed rate: 410 gallons per minute Maximum G force: 3,400 G's Maximum bowl speed: 3,800 rotations per minute Hydraulic capacity: 530 gallons per minute...

CUP 15 photo
Delta Separations CUP-15 Ehtanol Alcohol Separator

Used Delta Separations CUP-15 Ehtanol Alcohol Separator with: Closed-Loop system Designed for single operator Easy material loading / unloading Controlled alcohol residence time All wetted parts are...

22 photo
Forsberg 22 Destoner Mounted On Steel Frame w Legs

Used Forsberg 22 Destoner with: Low hours on the unit Overall dimensions without frame: 55 length x 58 width x 60 height (inches) Overall dimensions with frame: 85 length x 87 width x 96 height...

DPC-4-SO-SS photo
Flotronics DPC4 Stainless Steel Liquid Coalescer

Used Flotronics Coalescer with: Flow rate: 12 gallons per hour Coalescing chamber: Dished heads Chamber inlets: (2) 3 inches diameter each (1) Flanged inlet: 1 inch diameter ...

CAO 201 PMO photo
Andritz Frautech CAO 201 PMO Disc Stack Separator

Used Andritz Frautech CAO 201 PMO Disc Stack Separator with: Application: dairy, beverages, oils and fats, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, biofuels, mineral oils and metalworking fluids, chemical...

SIH 10 007 photo
Westfalia SIH 10 007 Quark Separator

Used Westfalia SIH 10 007 Quark Separator with: Separates whey from cultured products Can be used for yogurt, cheese, and cream cheese 5,000 liters per hour 11,000 pounds per hour Liquid to liquid...

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