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This type of semi-automatic stretch wrapper requires a handler to attach the tail of the film to the pallet, and cut it once it is finished. Rotary arm stretch wrappers, when used by themselves, do not have a weight capacity because the pallet rests directly on the floor. The machine is mounted to the floor, and uses an arm with a film carriage to cover a product in stretch film as the arm rotates and the carriage moves up and down. Rotary arm stretch wrappers must operate at lower speeds than many other stretch wrappers, with a maximum arm rotation of 33 rpm. These machines can be used in conjunction with conveyors. This type of equipment is commonly used for large, heavy items.

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WRT 150 photo
Wulftec WRT 150 Semi-Auto Rotary Stretch Wrapper w 30" Film

New Wulftec WRT-150 Semi-Auto Rotary Stretch Wrapper: Production output rate: Up to 50 loads per hour Maximum load size: 54 length x 54 width (inches) Maximum load weight: unlimited Maximum wrap height:...

Freedom 6500 photo
Highlight Industries Freedom 6500 Stretch Wrapper

Used Highlight Stretch Wrapper with: Rotary arm stretch wrapper Output: up to 30 loads per hour Load specs: Load size: Minimum (inches): 30 long x 30 wide x 20 high Maximum (inches): 50...

M-67-121SA photo
Orion M 67 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Used Orion Stretch Wrapper with: Tower style, rotary wrapping arm Maximum load size: Area: 48 x 48 inches Height: 80 inches Weight: floor capacity Output: 40 - 50 loads per hour ...

Cobra III photo
ITW Mima Cobra III Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Used ITW Mima Stretch Wrapper with: Semi-automatic, rotary arm stretch wrapper Maximum output: 35 loads per hour Rotation speed: 12 rotations per minute Accu-stretch 250% pre-stretch Maximum film...

Cobra 1525A photo
ITW Muller Cobra 1500A Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Used ITW Muller Cobra 1500A Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper with: Speeds: up to 30 loads per hour Rotation speed: 12 rotations per minute Maximum load size: 50 inches long x 50 inches wide x 92 inches high...

SG310 photo
Signode SG310 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Used Signode SG310 Semiautomatic Stretch Wrapper with: Production speed: 35 loads per hour 30 second cycle time Maximum load size: 48 inches long x 48 inches wide x 80 inches high Maximum load height:...

Cobra XL photo
ITW Mima Cobra XL Stretch Pallet Wrapper

Used ITW Mima Cobra XL Stretch Pallet Wrapper with: Up to 45 loads per hour Minimum load size: 36 inches long x 36 inches wide x 24 inches high Maximum load size: 50 inches...

S-400 photo
Dual Zone Lantech S400 Stretch Wrapper

Used Dual Zone Lantech S400 Stretch Wrapper with: Rotating overhead arm Ability to wrap two different pallets at two different zones Previously used at a rate of 30 loads per hour, with the ability...

Freedom 6000 photo
Highlight Industries Freedom 6000

Used Highlight Industries Freedom 6000 with: Machine wrapping speed (Per Hour) 20-30 Loads Length with arm at the home position 54 inches x 106 inches height Outer swing diameter 108 inches Floor...

MAC5000-S photo
MacWrap Mac5000-S Stretch Wrapper

Used MacWrap Mac5000S Stretch Wrapper with: Rotative arm Control board Film cut Photo sensor Quick stop of the arm

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