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Inline cap retorquers are designed to retighten screw-on caps after the product exits an induction sealer. The heat produced by an upstream induction sealer can cause a cap to loosen itself from the container. Cap retorquers solve this problem by re-tightening the cap. Cap tighteners are used in smaller operations, where an operator places a cap by hand and then the machine torques the cap.

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FE-4 photo
Kaps-All FE-4 4 Spindle Cap Retorquer

Used Kaps-All Cap Retorquer With: Up to 200 bottles per minute, depending on materials and application 4 spindles Adjustable height Handles metal, glass and plastic containers Opening dimensions: ...

TruCap photo
New ACASI Machinery TruCap 6 Spindle Cap Tightener

New ACASI Machinery TruCap Inline Bottle Cap Tightener with: Suitable for a wide range of containers 6 spindles Pneumatic clutches Conveyor: 10 foot long x 4.5 inches wide Adjustable...

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