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Equipment in this category performs quality control inspections, such as checking weight or checking for metal. Production inspection equipment may come equipped with optional automated systems for rejecting products that do not meet quality standards, and removing those products from production. This equipment includes metal detectors, checkweighers, and x-ray machines. Equipment pieces in this category help avoid recalls, as they detect problems before items are distributed.

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Loma Systems IQ3 8 inch high Metal Detector

Used Loma Systems Metal Detector with: Aperture: Width: 22 inches Height: 8 inches Conveyor dimensions: Infeed height: 37 inches Width: 21 inches Length: 66 inches Electrical: 85-265...

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All Fill Alpha PW-12 Stainless Steel Checkweigher

Used All-Fill Checkweigher with: Output: Up to 250 packages per minute 3 belt set up: Sanitary blue belt Length: 18 inches Width: 12 inches Current infeed/discharge height: 26 inches...

IQ4-CW3 6000M photo
Loma IQ4-CW3 6000M Metal Detector & Checkweigher

New IQ4-CW3 6000M Metal Detector & Checkweigher with: Combination unit to detect metal and check weight Production output rate: Up to 40 packs per minute Metal detector aperture: 17.7 width x 9.8...

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Safeline Mettler Toledo Powerphase Pro Metal Detector

Used Safeline Mettler Toledo Metal Detector with: Total metal detector dimensions: 40 inches (has adjustable legs) Width: 40 inches Conveyor length: 62 inches Metal detector opening dimensions: ...

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Heuft Spectrum TX Product Inspection X- Ray

Used Heuft Spectrum TX Product Inspection X- Ray with: Maximum output: Up to 7200 cases per hour Case size: Maximum 8 x 8 compartments Maximum 500 mm in moving direction Maximum 400 mm...

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Eriez 4X25 HIM Metal Detector

Used Eriez 4X25 HIM Metal Detector with: Overall dimensions: Length: 77 inches Width: 64 inches Height: 56 inches Conveyor dimensions: length: 71 inches Width: 22 inches Aperture: ...

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Loma IQ2 Metal Detector Head

Used Loma Metal Detector Head with: Head only Dimensions: Length: 17.7 inches Width: 5.9 inches Opening dimensions: Length: 5.5 inches Width: 17.5 inches Protected digital screen 120VAC,...

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Goring Kerr TEK 21 Metal Detector

Used Goring Kerr Metal Detector with: Aperture: Width: 54 inches Height: 2 inches Discharge height: 32 inches Conveyor: Width: 50 inches Length: 7 feet Electrical:...

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Cassel Pipeline Metal Detector w 6 Inch Tube

Used Cassel Pipeline Metal Detector with: Automatic reject valve Outside diameter: 8 inches Inlet diameter: 6 inches Through tube length: 36 inches Control box rated for IP66 pressure hose washdown...

All Fill PW-12 Belt Checkweigher

Used All-Fill Checkweigher with: Model: PW-12 Belts: 3 Weight range: up to 8 lbs. Package dimensions: Length: 14 inches Width: 10 inches Speed: up to 250 inches per minute, depending on materials...

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Mettler Toledo XE2 3-Belt Checkweigher

Used Mettler Toledo Checkweigher: 3 belts Width: 5.5 inches Weighing area: Length: 13 inches Width: 5.5 inches Infeed: 32 inches Discharge: 32 inches Touchscreen PLC ...

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Smiths Heimann HS 7555i X-Ray Detector

Used Smiths Heimann X-Ray Detector with: Tunnel aperture: Width: 30 inches Height: 22 inches Conveyor: Height: 29.5 inches Speed: 0.65 feet per minute Maximum load (evenly distributed): 352...

Advon Check 400 photo
Safeline Advon Check 400 X-Ray Machine 19.5"W x 9"H

Used Safeline X-Ray Machine: Designed to detect: glass, metal, stone, and high density plastic Opening: Width: 19.5 inches Height: 9 inches 90 degree push arm with reject bin Motor: Frequency:...

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Mettler Toledo Checkmate 2 3 Belt Checkweigher

Used Mettler Toledo Checkweigher With: Infeed: Length: 20 inches Width: 11.5 inches Weighing belt: Length: 20 inches Width: 11.5 inches Outfeed: Length: 20 inches Width: 11.5 inches...

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Mettler Toledo Hi Speed Checkmate 2 Belt Case Checkweigher

Mettler Toledo hi speed checkmate 2 Belt checkweigher: Infeed/weigh area: Width: 17 inches Length: 18 inches Outfeed/discharge: Width: 17 inches Length: 27 inches Mettler-Toledo Screen: ...

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