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Palletizing equipment is designed to transfer product to a pallet. There are many different ways this can be done and many different kinds of palletizer machines. Palletizers may be able to process product at high or floor level elevation, and may be conventional or robotic.

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Columbia FL100 Low Level Infeed Palletizer

Used Columbia FL100 Low Level Infeed Palletizer with: Output range: 5-12 cases per minute Last known application: 4 and .5 gallon cases Maximum case size range: Length: 22 inches Width: 16 inches...

Busse V5003 High Level Palletizer

Used Busse palletizer with: Application: plastic bottles/jugs Pallet conveyor elevation: 18 inches Infeed height: 14 feet, 2 inches Maximum load size: Length: 44 inches Width: 56 inches Height:...

ProPal Mini photo
Priority One ProPal Mini Slip Sheet Loader

Used Priority One Packaging Machinery Palletizer with: Production output rate: Up to 30 cases per minute, depending on pattern Maximum load weight: 450 pounds...

FL 150 RRFD TI 927 photo
Columbia FL 150 RRFD Low Level Infeed Palletizer

Used Columbia FL 150 Palletizer with: Low level product infeed palletizer Previously ran cases High capacity pallet magazine Product infeed height: 34 inches Finished pallet discharge height:...

Whallon Machinery Magnetic Can Palletizer

Used Whallon Machinery Palletizer with: Magnetic can palletizer Low level infeed Magnetic head dimensions: 48 inches wide x 59 inches long Product infeed conveyor dimensions: 60 inches wide x 120...

881 photo
Alvey 881 High Level Automatic Case Palletizer

Used Alvey 881 Case Palletizer with: High product infeed, low pallet outfeet Automatic palletizing Designed to run cases Operator platform High capacity pallet dispenser Touch screen HMI mounted...

A-780 photo
FKI Logistex A-780 High Level Infeed Palletizer

Used FKI Logistex A-780 High Level Palletizer with: A-780 case palletizer is designed for low- to mid- speed palletizing applications. Suited for single line applications in the food and consumer goods...

FL-150 photo
Columbia FL150 Low Level Case Palletizer

Used Columbia Low Level Case Palletizer with: Speeds: Approximately up to 30 to 50 caes per minute depending on case patterns Low level product infeed palletizer Case size ranges: Approximatelly Length:...

6251 photo
PAI 6251R High Level Infeed Case Palletizer

Used PAI 6251R High Level Infeed Palletizer with: Production output rate: up to 40 cases per minute, product dependent 10 inch color PLC touchscreen UHMW apron Outfeed pallet sensors Pallet size:...

Fanuc M-410iB/160 Series Pick and Place Palletizing Robot

Used Fanuc Palletizing Robot with: Case palletizing speed: 20 cycles per minute at 100 kilograms Bag palletizing speed: 27 cycles per minute at 100 kilograms Payload capacity: 160 kilograms Reach: 3143...

Von Gal SPLX MKII Premier Tech Case Palletizer

Used Von Gal Palletizer with: Last running carton size: Length: 5 inches Width: 8.25 inches Height: 9.25 inches Speed: up to 50 cartons per minute Allen-Bradley L32E Compact Logix Overall approximate...

S430IL photo
Fanuc S430Il Robotic Arm

Used Fanuc S430Il Robot Arm with: Payload: up to 275 pounds Reach: 118 inches Pick and place dimensions: Length: 17 inches Width: 17 inches Mounting table dimensions: Lenght: 48 inches ...

Kuka KA1572 Palletizing Robotic Arm

Used Kuka K-C2 Palletizing Robotic Arm with: Axes: 6 Reach: 63 inches Payload: 35 pounds Motion speed: Junction 1-3: 156 degrees per second Junction 4-5: 330 degrees per second Junction 6: 615...

Val-U-Pal photo
Von Gal Val-U-Pal Low Level Palletizer

Used Von Gal Val-U-Pal Low Level Palletizer: Output: Up to 10 cases per minute Cycle rate: Up to 4 cycles per minute Maximum lift weight: 250 pounds 30 pounds with suction cups ...

942 photo
Honeywell Alvey 942 Palletizer

Used Honeywell Alvey 942 Palletizer With: Throughput rates up to 160 cases per minute 2 accumulation zones Infeed conveyor w/ scanner (belt over roller approx 20') Pallet magazine with auto infeed...

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