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This type of live roller conveyor rotates around a fixed axle with the help of bearings. One side of the conveyor has gears that are turned by chains, which turns the rollers. Chain driven live roller conveyors are also called pallet conveyors because they are often used to transport heavy loads, such as pallets. Pallet conveyors offer a highly efficient means of transporting, accumulating, lifting, and sorting heavy loads as an alternative to manual handling with forklifts. Pallet conveyor systems are often used when load sizes are too large or too heavy for other conveyor types.

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Prime Conveyor 164"L Roller Conveyor with Scale

Used Prime Conveyor Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 40 inches wide x 164 inches long Roller diameter: 2.5 inches Roller centers: 4 inches Stainless steel construction...

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