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Induction sealing is a non-contact method of heating a foil disk to seal the top of plastic and glass containers. The seal is heated after the container has been filled and capped, creating a hermetically sealed container. Induction sealing is useful in many industries including pharmaceutical, beverage and food for tamper evidence, leak prevention, freshness retention and other uses.

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Integrity Machine Services Five Head Foil Sealer

Used Integrity Machine Foil Sealer with: 5 head foil application Up to 90 tabs per minute depending on product Tab size: 38 milimeter Includes product conveyor 4.5 inch width 58 inch length 42...

TR-300 photo
Lepel TR-300 Manual Hand Operated Induction Sealer

Used Lepel Induction Sealer with: Radio Frequency generator for induction bottlecap sealing DC Amperes gauge reading from 0-5 Amps in 0.1 graduations Timer toggles Powered at 115V, 5.2A, 50 cycles, 1Ph...

Foiler 2210-RBB6364-10 photo
Pillar Technologies Foiler 2210 DB6114 Induction

Used Pillar Technologies foiler with: 2000 watts 208-230 volts 12-13.3 amps 50/60 hz Built in water cooler Missing induction head. Control unit and water chiller only.

Enercon SuperSeal 75 Induction Cap Sealer

Used Enercon SuperSeal 75 Induction Cap Sealer with: Mounted on stainless steel portable stand with casters Digital display screen Manual adjustments Foli detection Ejector Stack light Stalled container...

Enercon Super Seal Junior Hand Held Induction Sealer

Used Enercon Super Seal Junior Induction Sealer: Hand held portable induction sealer Sealing capabilities: Up to 120mm Digital timer Missing foil indicator Batch counter Electrical: Volts:...

Pillar Technologies C Series CP1 Induction Cap Sealer with Mobile Stand

New Pillar Technologies C Series CP1 Induction Cap Sealer with: Mounted onto a stainless steel portable cart Leveling pads Adjustable height: 20 inches of coil Maximum ambient temperature: 104 degrees...

AM-250 photo
Automate Technologies Model AM-250 Cap Induction Sealer

Used Automate Technologies Induction Sealer with: Model: AM-250 Stainless steel frame Digital controls Front mounted Channel: 3 inches Sealing channel width: 70mm United mounted on screw leveling...

Super Seal Max photo
Enercon Super Seal Max Induction Cap Sealer

Used Enercon Induction Cap Sealer with: Capacity: Up to 328 feet per minute Up to 1,000 containers per minute Air cooled Continer, cap & foil counters Touch screen controls Stainless steel...

2220-R photo
Pillar 2220R SS Air Cooled Induction Cap Sealer

Used Pillar Induction Cap Sealer with: Flat seal induction head Dimensions: Width: 6 inches Length: 19.5 inches Adjustable height: 30 - 48 inches Stainless steel cabinet construction...

LWA-3 photo
Lepel TR 2001 Water Cooled Induction Sealer

Used Lepel Induction Cap Sealer with: Single sealing head Cap sizes: from 5 up to 53 mm maximum Caps at line speeds up to 300 feet per minute LWA-3 water recirculator/chiller With cart on casters

C1213U photo
Enercon C1213U Induction Cap Sealer

Used Enercon C1213U Induction Cap Sealer with: Uses electromagnetic induction to seal a foil lining to a container opening 2 kilowatts Designed to fit over existing conveyor line

CS-3X photo
PPS CS-3X Induction Cap Sealer

Used PPS CS-3X Induction Sealer with: 6 inch wide sealing bar Water cooled

9129 photo
Enercon 9129 Induction Cap Sealer

Used Enercon 9129 Induction Cap Sealer with: Designed for rugged and reliable field performance 195 Volt Output Rated at 1 KW Mild steel frame Casters

RG 2000A photo
Accutek Induction Cap Sealer RG 2000A

Used Accutek Induction Cap Sealer with: Stand alone induction sealer designed to be mounted on top of a customer provided conveyor Model RG2000-A Water cooled Over 2 kw of power for large mouth caps...

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