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A granulator uses either a wet process or a dry process to bind small particles, such as powders, into larger particles. When used for tableting or coating, granules allow greater compressibility of a powdered material, and reduce or eliminate the dust that comes from working with powder. Granulating a powder before adding it to a mixture allows it to incorporate into a mix more evenly. When powder particles are too fine or dense, they can separate from the other components of a mixture.

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Quadro Comil U20 High Shear Granulator

Used Quadro Comil U20 High Shear Granulator with: Output: up to 4,250 pounds per hour Capabilities: Dispersion Size reduction Deagglomeration Gravity fed Motor: 5 horsepower Screen...

Collette High Shear Granulator Gral 600 Pro w Jacketed Bowl

Used Collette High Shear Granulator with: Model: Gral 600 Pro Dual motors Jacketed bowl (2 bar, 30 psi) Standard bowl with pneumatic discharge valve Electrical & pneumatic controls Electrics:...

318 photo
Prodeva 318 Glass Crusher 1 horsepower

Used Prodeva 318 Glass Crusher With: Output: Up to 2 tons per hour Aperture: Width: 14 inches Height: 9 inches Crushes up to 1 gallon containers Rotary style crushing mechanism Push...

Gral 25 photo
Collette Gral 25 Stainless High Shear Granulator

Lot 333: Collette High Shear Granulator Model Gral 25, S/N 96GRI-00250063 1997 (2) Bowls, (1) Jacketed and (1) Non Jacketed 27 liter capacity Bowls have side discharge Bowl...

GEA Collette Gral 75 Granulator and High Shear Mixer

Used Collette Mixer with: Capacity: 75 Liters 20 Gallons Typical batch weight: 66 pounds Agitation: Standard 3 wing impeller High speed vertical chopper Drive motors included Pneumatic...

MG-636 photo
Frewitt MG-636 Oscillating Stainless Steel Granulator

Used Frewitt Granulator with: Processing rate: up to 2200 pounds per hour depending on material Oscillating rotor Indur variable speed gear reducer Externally mounted manual control Final output: 44...

1620 photo
Cumberland 1620 3 Knife Granulator

Used Cumberland Granulator with: Includes: Cutting chamber: 16 x 20 inches Rotor: 3 knife open slant cut Bed knives: D2 tool steel Screen: 5/16" diameter Base: forklift Insulated hopper...

GRAL 600 photo
GEA Collette Gral 600 High Shear Mixer Granulator

Used Collette Granulator with: Capacity: 600 Liters 158 Gallons Typical batch weight: 240 kilograms / 529 pounds Agitation: Standard 3 blade impeller High shear vertical chopper Driven...

Gral 150 photo
GEA Collette GRAL 150 High Shear Granulator

Used Collette Granulator with: Capacity: 150 Liters 40 Gallons Typical batch weight: 132 pounds Agitation: Standard 3 blade impeller High shear vertical chopper Driven by 15 horsepower,...

318 photo
Prodeva 318 Stainless Steel Glass Crusher

Used Prodeva 318 Stainless Steel Glass Crusher with: Rated capacity: 2-3 tons per hour 75 lbs./cu. ft standard crushed particle size Hardened replaceable crushing bars Hardened replaceable...

Cumberland Stainless Steel 16 x 12 Inch Granulator

Used Cumberland Stainless Steel 16 x 12 Inch Granulator with: Cutting chamber: Length: 12 inches Width: 16 inches Four bed knives Mounted on casters Stainless steel contact...

M-2000L photo
Colortronic M2000-L Granulator

Used Colortronic Granulator with: Infeed opening dimensions: 10 inch x 11 inch Crammer and auger feed Staggared rotor blades Screen opening dimensions: 1/8 inch Mounted on casters Electrical requirements:...

MTI Mischtechnik SS High Speed Mixer Granulator

Used MTI Mischtechnik Granulator with: Batch size range: Minimum: 9 gallons Maximum: 79 gallons Jacketed: 75 bar @ 302° Fahrenheit Mix chamber: Straight bottom Dimensions (inches): 33...

43-6 photo
Stokes 43 6 Stainless Steel Oscillating Granulator

Used Stokes Granulator with: Capacity/output: dependent on material & desired particle size Typical rates: Wet mix, through 4 mesh screen: 3,000 pounds per hour Tray dried compound, through...

GK 640-K-KU photo
Rapid Model GK 640KKU 40 Horsepower Granulator

Used Rapid Granulator with: 40 Horsepower Rotor specs: Type: tangential Number of knives: 3 Number of bed knives: 2 Cutting chamber: 12 x 24 inches Cutting circle diameter: 12 inches Airveyor...

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