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A granulator uses either a wet process or a dry process to bind small particles, such as powders, into larger particles. When used for tableting or coating, granules allow greater compressibility of a powdered material, and reduce or eliminate the dust that comes from working with powder. Granulating a powder before adding it to a mixture allows it to incorporate into a mix more evenly. When powder particles are too fine or dense, they can separate from the other components of a mixture.

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318 photo
Prodeva 318 Glass Crusher 1 horsepower

Used Prodeva 318 Glass Crusher With: Output: Up to 2 tons per hour Aperture: Width: 14 inches Height: 9 inches Crushes up to 1 gallon containers Rotary style crushing mechanism Push...

Gral 25 photo
Collette Gral 25 Stainless High Shear Granulator

Lot 333: Collette High Shear Granulator Model Gral 25, S/N 96GRI-00250063 1997 (2) Bowls, (1) Jacketed and (1) Non Jacketed 27 liter capacity Bowls have side discharge Bowl...

400-120 photo
Rapid 400-120 Granulator With Bagger Tower And Blower

Used Rapid Granulator with: Rotor diameter: 350 milimeters Type: 3 blade, open 2 sets of 3 rotating knives 2 sets of 2 fixed knives Throughput capacity: up to 900 kilograms per hour Includes blower...

1620X photo
Cumberland Engineering 1620X Granulator

Used Cumberland Engineering 1620X Granulator with: Cutting Chamber: 16 length x 20 width (inches) Infeed: Conveyor feed with 4 inch sheet feed slot Rotor: 3 knife open slant cut Bed knives: D2 Screen:...

MG-636 photo
Frewitt MG-636 Oscillating Stainless Steel Granulator

Used Frewitt Granulator with: Processing rate: up to 2200 pounds per hour depending on material Oscillating rotor Indur variable speed gear reducer Externally mounted manual control Final output: 44...

1012 photo
Cumberland 10 x 12 10 Horsepower Granulator

Used Cumberland Granulator with: Output: up to 450 pounds per hour !0 Horsepower Feed throat opening: Width: 12 inches Height: 10 inches Cutting chamber: (2) D2 bed knives Three blade open...

1620 photo
Cumberland 1620 3 Knife Granulator

Used Cumberland Granulator with: Includes: Cutting chamber: 16 x 20 inches Rotor: 3 knife open slant cut Bed knives: D2 tool steel Screen: 5/16" diameter Base: forklift Insulated hopper...

GRAL 600 photo
GEA Collette Gral 600 High Shear Mixer Granulator

Used Collette Granulator with: Capacity: 600 Liters 158 Gallons Typical batch weight: 240 kilograms / 529 pounds Agitation: Standard 3 blade impeller High shear vertical chopper Driven...

Gral 150 photo
GEA Collette GRAL 150 High Shear Granulator

Used Collette Granulator with: Capacity: 150 Liters 40 Gallons Typical batch weight: 132 pounds Agitation: Standard 3 blade impeller High shear vertical chopper Driven by 15 horsepower,...

318 photo
Prodeva 318 Stainless Steel Glass Crusher

Used Prodeva 318 Stainless Steel Glass Crusher with: Rated capacity: 2-3 tons per hour 75 lbs./cu. ft standard crushed particle size Hardened replaceable crushing bars Hardened replaceable...

Cumberland Stainless Steel 16 x 12 Inch Granulator

Used Cumberland Stainless Steel 16 x 12 Inch Granulator with: Cutting chamber: Length: 12 inches Width: 16 inches Four bed knives Mounted on casters Stainless steel contact...

M-2000L photo
Colortronic M2000-L Granulator

Used Colortronic Granulator with: Infeed opening dimensions: 10 inch x 11 inch Crammer and auger feed Staggared rotor blades Screen opening dimensions: 1/8 inch Mounted on casters Electrical requirements:...

MTI Mischtechnik SS High Speed Mixer Granulator

Used MTI Mischtechnik Granulator with: Batch size range: Minimum: 9 gallons Maximum: 79 gallons Jacketed: 75 bar @ 302° Fahrenheit Mix chamber: Straight bottom Dimensions (inches): 33...

43-6 photo
Stokes 43 6 Stainless Steel Oscillating Granulator

Used Stokes Granulator with: Capacity/output: dependent on material & desired particle size Typical rates: Wet mix, through 4 mesh screen: 3,000 pounds per hour Tray dried compound, through...

SGOS 1624 photo
LR Systems Model SGOS 1624 40 HP Granulator

Used LR Systems Granulator with: 40 Horsepower Includes: Sound enclosure Airveyor discharge Blower: 5 horsepower Cyclone Filter head Rotor specs: Type: open, tangential Number of rotor...

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