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This type of glue labeler applies pre-cut labels to products. As products travel down the line, the labeler dispenses the labels onto both sides of the product. The machine usually unwinds the labels from a roll, dispensing the labels on the product (usually bottles), and winding up the leftover backing. A flap, brush, or roller then slides across the labels, ensuring that they are firmly attached. Products such as beer and ketchup bottles use this application.

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M90 SX 200 Adhesive F35 12T S4 E2 photo
Sidel Alfa Adhesive Glue Labeler F35 Front & Back

Used Sidel Alfa Adhesive F35 12T S4 E2 with: Left hand operation Cold glue, automatic rotary labeler Front and back glue Labeler 12 bottle tables Table diameters: 4.5 inches Servo driven...

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