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This type of pressure sensitive labeler dispenses labels on both sides of the product. After a label is placed using a front, back pressure sensitive labeler, the product is rolled to secure the label.

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ACASI Front Back and Wraparound Inline Labeler

New ACASI Front Back and Wraparound Labeler with: Capable of doing either front and back labels or wraparound label Maximum label head speed: 1,500 inches per minute Label dimensions: maximum label height:...

ACASI Tru Labeler FB Front and Back Labeler

New ACASI Tru-Labeler FB Front and Back Labeler with: Stainless steel frame mounted on casters Labeling head output: 1500 inches per minute Maximum label height: 7.25 inches Maximum container width: 6...

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Accutek 24-APS-236 Automatic Top and Bottom Labeler

Used Accutek Labeler with: Dual label heads for top and bottom labeling Dispenses labels at 6 inches tall Touch screen controls Stainless steel construction Adjustable hand wheels Fully synchronized...

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