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This type of equipment can use many types of freezing agents such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia or special refrigerants. A continuous freezer intakes the product at one end of the cooler and releases through the other end. The product is cooled to a freezing temperature as it travels from one end to the other. A batch freezer requires the product to be placed in the freezer and removed after a certain period of time has passed.

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FreezeRight TL-2048 photo
Airgas FreezeRight TL-2048 Nitrogen Freezer Tunnel

Used Airgas FreezeRight TL-2048 Nitrogen Freezer Tunnel with: Intended use: to freeze food products without any loss of quality Tunnel dimension: Belt width: 50 inches Tunnel length: 26 feet Tunnel...

True 2-Door Freezer

Used True 2-Door Freezer with: 2 doors Dimensions: Width: 54 1/8 inches Depth: 29 7/8 inches Height: 78 5/8 inches Capillary tube system Hydrocarbon refrigerant High capacity Maintains...

GM 300 photo
SaniServe GM 300 Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

Used Continuos Ice Cream Freezer with: Capacity: 300 liters per hour Water cooled compressor Mix inlet piston pump 5 horsepower agitator Stainless steel padding Electrical: 230 volts, 60 hz, phase...

JOF-ONE 200A0500 photo
Techfrost JOF-ONE Blast Freezer

Used Technofrost Blast Freezer with: Four standard cycles: Two for chilling to +37°F Two for freezing to negative temperatures Working capacity: 3.6 cubic feet Freezes up to -40°F R404A...

T-49F-HC photo
True T-49F-HC 49 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Two Door Reach-In Freezer

Used True Freezer with: Storage capacity: 49 cubic feet Two door reach-in Self closing doors Working temperature: -10°F Bottom mounted compressor Foam in place insulated Includes three adjustable...

Praxair CO2 Stainless Freeze Tunnel 14'L x 24"W

Used Praxair CO2 Freeze Tunnel with: Size: Length: 14 feet Width: 24 inches Construction: stainless steel (4) Top mounted fans Spray header pipe Wire mesh belt Push button start/stop Motor ...

JEU4LN2 photo
Liquid Carbonic Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel

Used Liquid Carbonic Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel with: Stainless steel mesh chain conveyor: 42 inch wide Chamber: 42 width x 216 length (inches) Chamber clearance: 7 inches Infeed section: 24 inches Four...

2-25 photo
King Air Curtain 2-25 Cryogenic 10 Tier Spiral Freezer

Used King Air Kurtain Spiral Freezer With: Refrigerant: CO2 Chain mesh conveyor: Length: 225 linear feet Width: 15 inches 10 tiers Clearance: 5.5 inches 3 horsepower motor Electrical: ...

CS-100 photo
Nitator Cryoline CS-100 Series Spiral Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

Used Nitator Cryoline CS-100 Series Spiral Liquid Nitrogen Freezer with: 275 feet of 14 milimeter mesh belt Spare 7 milimeter tight mesh belt Dwell time: 7 to 25 minutes Red Lion PID gas and temperature...

Advantec CC Freezer photo
JBT Frigoscandia Advantec CC Blast Freezer

Used JBT Frigoscandia Advantec Blast Chilling Freezer with: Application involves a straight belt moving food product through a freezing zone with impingement airflow to keep product shape and minimize dehydration...

Praxair 14 Tier Nitrogen Spiral Freezer

Used Praxair Spiral Freezer: Freezing agent: Nitrogen Conveyor tiers: 14 Distance between tiers: 4.5 inches Conveyor Width: 32 inches Infeed height: 32 inches Discharge...

JE-U6 photo
Liquid Carbonics CO2 OR Nitrogen Spiral Freezer

Used Liquid Carbonics Spiral Freezer with: Number tiers: 13 Product clearance: 2 inches Choice of refrigerant: CO2 Nitrogen Conveyor: Stainless steel Usable belt width: 32 inches Belt...

152 photo
Taylor 152 Air Cooled Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Used Taylor Ice Cream Machine with: Refrigerant: R404A Cooling capacity: 3000 BTU per hour Single freezing cylinder Air cooled Singe 8 quart hopper maintains below 41°F Viscosity sensors with...

191 SP/US/E G photo
Carpigiani 191 Ice Cream Machine

Used Carpigiani 191 Ice Cream Machine with: Height side: Design pressure: 420 psig Operating pressure: 224 psig Low side: Design pressure: 206 psig Operating pressure: 14 psig Cylinder...

Northfield Low Tension Spiral Freezer System

Used Northfield Spiral Freezer With: Freezer dimensions: Length: 26 feet Width: 31 feet Height: 21 feet Spiral conveyor: 24 flights Belt width: 30 inches Product clearance: 5 inches ...

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