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Encrusting machines created filled foodstuffs such as donuts, cookies, breads, and prepared meat products. The outer layer is formed into a product and then the filling is inserted. The encruster automatically creates the pocket and filling sizes to the desired specifications. It then closes and deposits the product.

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MBC Food Machinery Corp 3-100 Ravioli Extruder

Used MBC Food Machinery Corporation 3-100 Ravioli Extruder with: 6 rows of product Guillotine attachment Twin Screw feed system Emergency E stop Adjustable conveyor speed Motor: 8 horsepower Conveyor...

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Handtmann VF50 Rotary Vane Vacuum Filling Portion Stuffer

Used Handtmann VF50 Rotary Vane Vacuum Filling Portion Stuffer with: Rotary vane vacuum Output: Up to 5,730 pounds per hour Up to 420 portions per minute Portioning speeds/specs: 0.88 ounces:...

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Rheon KN135 Cornucopia Encrusting Robot Extruder

Used Rheon KN135 Encruster With: Output: Up to 100 pieces per minute Hopper Capacity: 15 Liters Product Weight: Up to 250 grams Product Length: Up to 19 inches Programable...

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Reiser LPG202 SS Length Portioning Machine

Used Vemag Length Portioner with: Applications: links sausages with identical lengths & weights Output: up to 1,500 portions per minute, depending on length & casing Casings: Natural Collagen...

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Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Stuffer Extruder

Used Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Extruder with: Capacity/output: Filling rate: up to 5,500 pounds per hour Portion speed: up to 450 portions per minute, depending on product Portion weight range: 0.17 ounces...

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Rheon OC 001 High Speed 2-Lane Encruster

Used Rheon OC 001 High Speed 2-Lane Encruster with: Two lanes of product are deposited onto the conveyor, then go through the press roller and then discharged by the row multiply conveyor Conveyor width:...

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Rheon KN300 Cornucopia Encrusting Machine

Used Rheon KN300 Cornucopia Encrusting Machine with: Produces solid-piece and double-filling encrusted food products Creates spheres, bars, and cylinders Multi-functional robot handles poultry, meat,...

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Vemag Robot 500 Filler Depositor

Used Vemag Filler with: Output: up to 5000 pounds per hour Portion weight: 5-30000 grams Speed: up to 450 portions per minute depending on product and portion size Feed type: dual feed screw Hopper...

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Rheon Cornucopia KN 171 Encruster Extruder

Used Rheon Extruder with: Adjustable product weight: Minimum: 10 grams Maximum: 90 grams Adjustable encrusting ratio: Minimum: 1:0 Maximum: 0:1 Unlmited product length Hopper capacity:...

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Vemag 500B Vacuum Stuffer with PC 878 Controls & Guillotine

Used vacuum stuffer with: Hopper capacity: 80 liters Variable vacuum range: 0% to 96% Includes PC 878 micro process controls Filling capacity: 4500 pounds per hour Filling pressure: Up to 20 bar ...

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Vemag BC235 4 Station Vacuum Stuffer

Used vacuum stuffer with: Output rate: up to 250 units per minute Includes water wheel system for weighing and forming product Maximum weight per product: 1 gram Product diameter dimensions: 10 millimeters...

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Frey Konti C120 Vacuum Stuffer Stainless Steel

Used Frey Konti Vacuum Stuffer With: Hopper Capacity: 120 Liters Portion size: Minimum: 5 grams Maximum: 1000 Push button controls Electrical: Volts: 220 Frequency: 60 Hz Phase...

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Vemag Robby Stainless Steel Vacuum Stuffer

Used Vemag Robby Vacuum Stuffer with: Filling rate: Up to 2700 kilograms per hour Portion weight: 5 - 60,000 grams Weight increments: .1 or 1 gram Portioning speed: `Up to 650 portions...

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Rykaart Stainless Steel 3 Roll Dough Extruder

Used Rykaart Extruder with: Application: designed to apply ribbon dough sheet to start of Smartline Roller width: 18 Inches 457 Millimeters Approximate hopper dimensions: Length: 41 inches ...

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Vemag HP 10C Stainless Steel Vacuum Stuffer

Used Vemag Vacuum Stuffer with: Capacity/output: Filling: up to 12,500 pounds per hour Portioning: up to 820 portions per hour, depending on portion size Portion weights: 0.17 ounces up to 132 pounds...

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