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Drying equipment uses various methods to remove moisture from and preserve a product. Common in the pharmaceutical and food industries, dryers employ methods such as freezing, vacuum, heat, and more. Most types of dryers are indirectly heated, and many operate under a vacuum to facilitate evaporation.

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Stainless Steel Cooling/Drying Tunnel

Used Cooling/Drying Tunnel With: Tunnel dimensions: Length: 8 feet Width: 25 inches Height: 12 inches Hinged plastic belt: Width: 23.75 inches Infeed/discharge height: 30 inches ...

606 photo
Bock 606 Stainless Steel Food Grade Centrifuge

Used Bock 606 Food Grade Centrifuge with: Maximum RPM: 1740 Last known application: drying soybeans Dry weight capacity: 60 pounds Inside tub: 30 inches wide Stainless steel perforated basket: 14.5...

SMH-45 photo
Usifroid SMH-45 Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

Used Usifroid SMH-45 Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer with: Number of shelves: 4 Shelf dimensions: 12 inches x 12 inches Lab size freeze dryer for small runs or R&D

CV-48-2-T3 photo
American Ultraviolet Company CV-48-2-T3 Dryer

Used American Ultraviolet Company CV-48-2-T3 Dryer with: Drying area: 116 length x 48 wide (inches) Teflon coated belt Heating source: Ultraviolet lamp Power supply:...

FP-90 photo
Bock FP-90 Spin Dryer

Used Centrifuge Dryer with: Applications: De-watering vegetables and greens Removing oils from meat and poultry Capacity: 130 pounds Output: up to 1,200 rotations per minute Belt driven: 5...

FP-805 photo
Bock Model FP-805 Spin Dryer

Used- Bock FP-805 Food Processing Centrifuge with: Approximate capacity: 100 pounds Approximate basket dimensions: Diameter: 30 inches Depth: 15 inches Top load/unload Maximum bowl speed: 1740...

C1120-65 RGC photo
Aeroglide C1120-65 RGC Roaster Dryer

Used Roaster Dryer With: Uses natural gas Bed width: 108 inches x 108 inches, drying bed area 350 sq. ft., cooling bed area 140 sq. ft. Input: 2,634 pounds per hour, Inlet moisture: 9% max, product inlet...

C1 120-65 RGC photo
Aeroglide C1 120-65 RGC Roaster Drier

Used Aeroglide C1 120-65 RGC Roaster Drier with: Bed Width 9' 9'', Drying Bed Area 350 Ft.2, Cooling Bed Area 140 Ft.2 Product Description: Last used on Coated Almond Accents & Almond Products...

GA18VSD photo
Atlas Copco GA18VSD Workplace Air System

Used Atlas Compaco Compressor and Air Dryer with: Total logged hours: 33,000 Refrigerant type: R410A Electrical: Phase: 1 Voltage: 115 Frequency: 60 Hertz

ED-2 COMM photo
Excalibur ED2COMM Dual Zone Dehydrator

Used Excalibur Dehydrator with: Dual zones, one controller Capacity: Number of trays: 42 136 ft² total production area Includes: 99 Hour digital timer Front access control panel Adjustable...

NS-WIT05ED photo
Lewco Walk In Batch Drying Oven

Used Lewco Walk In Oven With: Maximum temperature: 450 degrees F Exhaust Blower: 1000 CFM Digital readouts Dimensions: Length: 23 feet Width: 9 feet Height: 8 feet Electrical: ...

180DX30SA photo
Botanique 18DX30SA Studio Pro Floral Freeze Dryer

Used Botanique 18DX30SA Studio Pro Floral Freeze Dryer with: Designed to removal water from frozen botanicals for preservation Capacity: 7500 Cubic Inches Number of Product Trays: 4 Tray dimensions:...

CSD24 photo
Crown CSD24 Low Impact Super Belt Pellet Dryer

Used Crown CSD24 Low Impact Super Pellet Dryer with: Rates from 50 to 50,000 kgs/hr Mesh wire belt dimensions: Width: 22 inches Length: 132 inches Hinged top covers Width: 24 inches...

PH46 Pharmasep photo
Sweco PH46 Pharmasep SS Filter Dryer and Separator

Used Sweco Dryer/Separator with: Batch capacity: 33 Pounds 25 Kilograms Capabilities: Dewatering Vibatory Sifting Vacuum drying (2) Screens: Top: 18 inches diameter...

NPD-750 photo
Novatec NPD-750 Dryer with Hopper

Used Novatec NPD-750 Dryer with Hopper with: Process rate: 750 pounds per hour Electrical requirements: 480 volts 3 phase 60 hertz 58.5 K.V.A 73.4 amps Hooper:...

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