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Equipment in this category is used for counting a specific number of product, such as pills, and depositing them into containers. Common types of counters include slat, disc, electric eye and track. Counting equipment is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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TQI-4150 photo
Cremer TQI-4150 Multi-Channel Counter System

Used Cremer TQI-4150 Mult-Channel Counter System with: Pouch blending and counting system Previously used to count and assemble a 6-count variety pack of pouched snacks and feed the pouches to a cartoner...

King Slat Counter with Product Conveyor

Used King Slat Counter with Product Conveyor with: Fill two lanes of six bottles per lane Minimum bottle per minute: 8 Maximum bottle per minute: 145 Low pill count: 10s High pill count: 500s...

Counting Device TW/TP photo
Weighpack TW-TP Linear Counter & VS Bagging System

Used Weighpack TW/TP Linear Counter and VS Bagging System with: 4 lane vibratory linear counter with 4 VS bagger units VS Bagger: Easy to operate Automatically positions a pre-made...

Merrill 72-39 photo
Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter

Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter: Up to 200 bottles per minute depending on configuration Control System Allen Bradley PLC Allen Bradley HMI Designed to Cat 3 safety specifications Contact...

LED-16 photo
Shanghai Develop Machinery LED-16 Counter & Filler

Used Shanghai Develop Machinery LED-16 Counter & Filler with: Speed: 30-40 bottles a minute ApplicationRange: 00# to 5# capsule φ≥7mm diameter tablet or pill All kinds of caplet...

341 photo
Fairchild's Inc. Countmaster Counter Filler 341

Used Fairchild's Inc. Countmaster Counter Filler 341 with: Fairchild's Model 341 Stainless steel construction Designed to run 3 bottles a time Slat counting design Mounted on casters Variable...

MC-2 photo
Modular Packaging MC2 Dual Track Pill Counter

Used Modular Packaging MC2 Dual Track Pill Counter with: Semi automatic dual track filling system Rated for 2 to 12 containers per minute Can run 3mm tablets to "00" Capsules with no change...

CF1220-2 photo
Cremer CF12202 24 Lane Tablet and Capsule Counter

Used Cremer Tablet Counter with: Output: up to 100 bottles per minute Bottle size range: Height: 1.57 - 7.9 inches Diameter: 0.8 - 4.33 inches Products: Tablets Capsules Gelcaps ...

CF-1230 photo
Cremer CF-1230 12 Lane Tablet Capsule Counter

Used Cremer CF-1230 Tablet Capsule Counter with: Twelve (12) lane Air pressure: 87 pounds per square inch Electricals: Phase: 3 Voltage: 380 Frequency: 50 hertz Conveyor: 96 length x 4.5...

TCAL-2 photo
Pharmafill TCAL-2 Electronic Tablet Counter

Used Pharmafill TCAL-2 Pill Counter with: Type: AD938-LA Dietz counter controls Digital start/stop controls Weight: 35 pounds

MC-2 photo
Modular Packaging Systems MC-2 Tablet Counter

Used Modular Packaging Systems, Inc. MC-2 Tablet Counter with: The benchtop MC-2 utilizes vibratory feeders to allow for all sizes and shapes of product Easy set-up and breakdown Plugs into standard...

,TCE1-R photo
Dietz Pharmafill TCE1-R Tablet & Capsule Counter

Used Dietz Tablet & Capsule Counter with: Output: Tablets: Up to 3,000 per minute Capsule: Up to 1,500 per minute Left to right product flow One lane counter Feed hopper: Rim length:...

TB-4 photo
King TB4 Tabletop Tablet Counter

Used King Tablet Counter with: Max batch count: 1000 tablets Feed hopper: Length: 10 inches Width: 13 inches Vibration fed from feeder to accumulation table One lane feed discharges...

TQI-480 photo
Cremer TQI-480 Multi-Channel Counting System

Used Cremer TQI-480 Multi-Channel Counting System with: Simultaneous discharge system for multi-lane packaging Product minimum width: 3 millimeters Product length range: 3 to 80 millimeters...

Reformer 450-93 photo
Lakso Reformer 450-93 Stainless Steel Slat Counter

Used Lakso Reformer 450-93 Slat Counter with: Last used for: desiccants Stainless steel feed hopper Dimensions: 26 inches long x 29 inches wide x 21 inches deep Allen Bradley touch controls 7.5...

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