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Bulk bag handling equipment is designed to safely and effectively unload large bags, commonly known as super sacks.

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Flexicon 4,000 Lbs Super Sack Unloader w Hoist Lift & Trolley

Used Flexicon Bulk Bag Unloader: Hoist capacity: 4000 pounds Approximate bag lift height: 165 inches Bag dump height: 65 inches Overall height: Approximately 200 inches ...

Supersac Unloading Station with 2 Ton Hoist

Used Supersac Unloading System: Overall Height: Approximately 162 inches Bag infeed opening: Lenght: 16 inches Width: 16 inches Product discharge: Length: 8 inches Width: 8 inches ...

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Young Bag Dump Station with Blower & Rotary Valve

Used Young Bag Dump Station with Blower and Rotary Valve: Discharge diameter: 4 inches Infeed dimensions: 43.75 length x 29 width (inches) Bag grate, baffle, and covers Magnehelic differential pressure...

Taylor Products Pneumatic Bag Tipper

Used Taylor Products Pneumatic Bag Tipper with: Lifting plate area: 16 inches x 16 inches Maximum bag weight: 50 pounds Photo-eye for bag detection Powder coated steel construction

Eagle Super Sack Bulk Bag Unloader

Used Eagle Bulk Bag Unloader with: Super sack Capacity: 4,000 pounds Hoist Product hopper with door Bottom Bag massage Stainless steel bottom receiving hopper

2.5 Ton Dynamic Air BulkBuster Bulk Bag Unloader w/ Conveying Transporter

Used 2.5 Ton Dynamic Air Bulk Bag Unloader with: Model: BulkBuster Stainless contact surface 3 Ton R&M Spacemaster hoist Glovebox hopper Site glass for bag untie, bag jostler, bag closing mechanism...

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Semi-Bulk Systems Bulk Bag Unloading Station for Super Sacks

Used Semi-Bulk Systems Super Sack Unloading Station with: Includes: Bag hoist Vibratory pan Pneumatically operated bag huggers Surge hopper: Capacity: approximately 150 cubic ffeet Air-cone...

AZO Stainless Steel Bag Dump Station

Used Bag Dump Station with: Approximate diameter: 43 inches Bottom Hopper Driven by a .15 Kilowatt, 230/460 volt motor Feed opening: 36 inches x 20 inches Stainless steel construction

Palamatic Stainless Steel Vacuum Box Jib

Used Palamatic Vacuum Box Jib With: Lifting weight: 100 pounds Rotating arm Retractable vacuum tube Jib arm: Length: 14 feet Height: 11.5 feet Overhead height: 9.75 feet Electrical: ...

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Flexicon Model 1450 Bulk Bag Unloading System

Used Flexicon Unloading System with: Hoist & trolley bag unloading system Maximum bag capacity: 3,200 Pounds 1,450 Kilograms Bag height range: 36 - 72 inches Maximum bag width: ...

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Flexicon Bulk Bag Unloader with Dust Collector

Flexicon Bulk Bag Unloader with: Includes: 2.4 Horsepower electric hoist 0.5 Horsepower trolley bulk bag loading Pulse jet dust collector: 0.5 horsepower exhaust fan Manual Iris valve...

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Flex Weight Corp 5000 Capacity Super Sack Loader

Used Flex-Weight Super Sack Loader with: Scale: 48 x 48 inches Maximum capacity: 5,000 pounds

Semi Bulk Systems Super Sack Bulk Bag Unloader

Used Semi-Bulk System Bag Unloader System with: Bag unloading station for super sacks Hopper: Stainless steel Capacity: 165 cubic feet Air-Cone discharge Loss-in-weight controls Bag hoist...

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NBE Bag Break Dump Station w Dust Collection

Used Bag Dump Station with: Includes: Load cells Controller Rotary airlock Integraqted dust collection Air pads to help move material Bag break grate Hopper: Low level sensor Capacity:...

BBL-B-6072 photo
Bulk Equipment Systems Super Sack Loading Station

Used Bulk Equipment Systems Loading Station with: Bag tray (inches): 48 x 48 Integrated into Weightronics W150 Scale: Digital readout Pneumatic lift Bag filling sleeve: Stainless steel ...

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