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This type of bakery equipment shapes dough to create consistent food products. Moulders can produce high volumes of product at a time and easily adjust for a variety of products. They shape the dough by either rolling or using a stamp or press. This equipment can be used for breads, cookies, pastries, and other bakery products.

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Instytut Maszyn Ball-Shaped Product Forming Machine

Used Product Forming Machine with: Capacity: 330 pounds per hour Used for: Potato dumplings Meatballs Dough Overall approximate dimensions: Width: 15.74 inches Length: 29.92 inches Height:...

Colborne B10 Dough Pizza Roller

Used Colborne B10 Dough Pizza Roller with: Output rate: minimum 400 units per hour Includes: (4) steel rollers (2) step rollers Motor: 1/3 horsepower Electrical: 115 volts, 60 hertz

1178 photo
Comtec 1100 Pie and Pastry Crust Press

Used Comtec Press with: Table top model Diameter range: Maximum: 12 inches Minimum: 1.5 inches Production rate: up to 500 crusts per hour Oil reserve capacity: 5 gallons Thermostatically controlled...

SPF 610 photo
Rondo SPF 610-B Automatic Dough Make up Line

Used Rondo SPF 610-B Dough Cutting System with: Dough cutting system which uses a roller die-cut to form a desired shape and a guillotine for cross-cuts Previously used for donuts Conveyor dimensions:...

Rhodes Kook-E-King Bench Model Cookie Machine

Used Rhodes Cookie Machine with: Hopper capacity: 40 pounds Production rate: 300 cookies per minute 18,000 pieces per hour Cookie weight range: Maximum: 3 ounces Minimum: 1/4 ounce ...

Auto Champion photo
John Hunt Auto Champion 7 Station Automatic Pie Press

Used John Hunt Pie Press with: 7 station press Capabilities: Pastry dividing Filling/depositing Pastry forming Die: 710-OPL - Oblong Rolled edge style PLC controls Air requirements:...

SYP1101L0 photo
Shinyoung Mechanics SYP1101L0 Rice Cake Former

Used Shinyoung Mechanics Rice Cake Machine with: Capacity: 360 pieces per hour Heater temperature: Maximum: 752°F Minimum: 30.2°F Rice cake size: Round: 3.93 inches Thickness: ...

Pro Bake Cookie Former

Used Pro Bake Cookie Former with: Overall dimensions: Length: 10 feet Width: 4 feet Height: 52 inches Drop height: 28 inches Hopper dimensions: Infeed height: 52 inches Width: 13 inches...

Colborne 9 Plate Rotary Pie Machine

Used Colborne Pie Machine with: Output per hour with four operators: 600 2-crust fruit pies 1200 single crust pie shells 1800 small meat pies 2400 tart shells 9 large pie plates Pie plate dimensions: ...

B095-E photo
Benier B095-E Moulder

Used Benier B095-E Moulder with: Infeed conveyor Roller Peeling unit Curling net Sude guide Catch tray

FP200 photo
Superior FP200 Tortilla Press

Used Superior FP200 Tortilla Press with: Overall dimensions: Length: 92 inches Width: 43 inches Height: 79 inches Tunnel dimensions: Height: 2.5 inches Width: 12 inches Length:...

2CH5-X15TM photo
Superior 2CH5-X15TM Tortilla Moulder

Used Superior 2CH5-X15TM Tortilla Moulder with: Overall dimensions: Length: 65 inches Width: 44 inches Height: 44 inches Infeed height: 57 inches Outfeed height: 50 inches Currently set...

GS-1 photo
Superior GS-1 Semi-Automatic Tortilla Press

Used Superior GS-1 Semi-Automatic Tortilla Press with: Overall dimensions: Length: 30 inches Width: 24 inches Height: 75 inches Maximum capacity: 5 pound block Block dimensions: Length:...

DP1100 photo
Proluxe DP1100 Pizza Dough Press

Used Pizza Dough Press With: Dough press diameter: up to 18 inches Dough thickness: up to 0.25 inches Manually operated Weight: 175 pounds Platen type: heated upper platen with microprocessor Overall...

Joyride photo
Benier FBM French Bread Joyrider

Used Benier FBM French Bread Joyride Bread Molder with: Production output rate: Up to 1800 loaves per hour Moulded loaf length: Up to 30 inches Process range: 6 ounces up to 3 pounds Motor: 1 horsepower...

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