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Adjustable automatic case tapers can tape many sizes of cases. An adjustable case taper must be adjusted by an operator each time a different size case is used. Other than the adjusting, this type of case taper is automatic; it tucks and tapes the flaps. An adjustable automatic case taper is useful in operations when several of the same size cases are going to be used at once, but a different size case may be used later in the day.

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250 photo
Bel 250 Top and Bottom Case Taper w/ Bel 505 Case Erector

Used Bel 250 Case Taper With 505 Case Erector: Bel 250 Output: Up to 25 cases per minute depending on application Tape head width: 2 inches Minimum case dimensions: Length: 6 inches...

CS40 photo
Pearson CS40 Adjustable Auto Top Only Case Sealer

Used Pearson CS40-T Case Sealer with Tape Head and Controls: Pearson Packaging Systems CS40 Case Sealer with Tape Head and Controls pressure sensitively seals with tape at up to /minute The CS40-T is...

Supertaper 1A photo
OK International Supertaper 1A Adjustable Automatic Case Sealer

Used OK Case Sealer Supertaper 1A Top Tape Assembly with: Belt speed: Up to 78 feet per minute Minimum case size: Length: 8 inches Width: 5 inches Height: 3 inches Maximum case size: Length:...

252 photo
Belcor 252 Automatic Adjustable Top & Bottom Taper

Used Belcor 252 Automatic Adjustable Case Taper with: Tape head size: 2 inches Maximum case dimensions: 20 length x 15 width x 16 height (inches) Minimum case dimensions:...

WST-07 photo
Wexxar WST-07 Automatic Top Case Taper

Used Wexxar WST-07 Automatic Top Case Taper with: Production output rate: Up to 35 cases per minute Minimum case size range: 12 length x 10 width x...

BEL-252 photo
Wexxar BEL 252 Top and Bottom Tape Case Sealer

Used Belcor Wexxar Bel 252 Top and Bottom Case Taper with: Compact footprint, fully automatic, pressure sensitive uniform case taper Top and bottom 2 inch tape heads Case size range: ...

HPA-S-RH-C photo
Marq HPA-S-RH-C Top and Bottom Tape Case Sealer

Used Marq HPA-S-RH-C Case Sealer with: High performance adjustable case sealer Right hand operation Case transfer accomplished with side lug drive Seals 20 cases a minute Case styles include RSC,...

POL-232T photo
Moen Industries Tape Case Sealer POL-232T

Used Moen Industries Tape Case Sealer POL-232T: Top only taper, partial overlap top sealer Box lengths dimensions: Length: 7 - 18 inches Width: 8 - 20 inches Depth: 6 -14 inches Quick...

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