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Used Fomaco FGM 26/52 Brine Injector

Fomaco FGM 2652 Brine Injector
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Equipment Details

Inventory # D1855
Item Fomaco FGM 26/52 Brine Injector
Category Meat Processing Equipment
Manufacturer   Reiser
Model FGM 26/52
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Equipment Description

Used Fomaco FGM 26 / 52 Injection Machine with:

  • Application: injecting food products with liquid solutions
  • Pump capacity: 55 liters per minute
  • Needle sizes: 26 and 52
  • Speed range: 20-70 strokes per minute
  • Motorized conveyor
  • Pressure equalizing tank with easy access for cleaning
  • Stainless steel waterproof box housing electrical controls

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Additional Details

Equipment Size82.5" L X 32" W X 90.5" H
Amount of Needles:26/52
Maximum Conveyor Speed:20-70
Product last Ran:boneless

Product Information

Inspection Details

LocationSouthwest, USA

This machine is located at a client’s facility in Southwest, USA. To coordinate an inspection of this item, please contact your SIGMA sales team.

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An on-site inspection is the only way to truly evaluate a machine's fit for your needs. An inspection prior to purchase will help avoid unexpected delays and ensure a positive used equipment purchasing experience.

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