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T-72 photo
Shanklin T-72 Dual Chamber Heat Tunnel 9" x 22"
Inventory #: G4627Can Rent

Used Shanklin Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Aperture dimensions: 22 inches wide x 9 inches tall Conveyor dimensions: 15 inches wide x 168 inches long Conveyor height: 37 inches Left to right product...

Linium 301 photo
Bosch Linium 301 Print Registered Wrapper
Inventory #: G4433Can Rent

Used Doboy Flow Wrapper with: Maximum output: up to 150 packages per minute Product width: .4 Inches up to 6.9 Inches End knife width: 7 Inches Centers: 7 Inches Maximum reel diameter: 15.7 Inches...

Linium 301 photo
Bosch Linium 301 Print Registered Wrapper
Inventory #: G4456Can Rent

Used Doboy 301 Linium Horizontal Flow Wrapper with: Speeds: up to 150 packages per minute Product width: .4 inchces up to 6.9 inches End knife width: 7 inches Film reel width: 15.7 inches Maximum...

252 photo
Belcor 252 Case Taper 2" Top and Bottom Tape Heads
Inventory #: R51945Rental Only

Belcor 252 2" Top and Bottom Uniform Case Sealer with: Case size range: Length: 8 inches to 20 inches Width: 6 inches to 15 inches Height: 4 1/2 inches to 16" Side case...

T-62 photo
Shanklin T-62 Heat Shrink Tunnel 18" W x 11" T
Inventory #: G3478Can Rent

Used Shanklin T-62 Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel aperture dimensions: 18 inches wide x 11 inches tall Tunnel length: 61 inches Conveyor dimensions: 15 inches wide x 108 inches long Dual heating...

Hallmark HM3004W photo
Peerless Hallmark HM300 Single Sigma Mixer 450 Lbs
Inventory #: G4439Can Rent

Used Peerless Hallmark HM300-4W Small Batch Sigma Mixer with: 4 way agitator is suitable for cookies, creams, biscuits, pretzels, pie dough, bagels, scones, cakes, sweet goods, muffins, granola and specialty...

Stealth photo
Fortress Stealth Metal Detector 12 In W x 14 In H
Inventory #: G4303Can Rent

Used Fortress Stealth Metal Detector with: Application: uses digital signal processing technology and has high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless...

500 photo
Vemag Robot 500 Extruder
Inventory #: G4447Can Rent

Used Reiser Vemag Robby Extruder with: Ideal for small plants with small batches and frequent product changes Readily accepts a number of specialized attachments to easily provide customized solutions,...

T-11 photo
Shanklin T-11 Heat Shrink Tunnel 48" W x 7" T
Inventory #: G6110Can Rent

Used Shanklin Heat Tunnel Model T-11 with: Conveyor: 112" long with 45 1/4" wide Rollers Conveyor Elevation pictured at 30" above the floor Aperture: 48" wide by 7" tall ...

S24C photo
Shanklin S24C Manual L-Bar Sealer 33" L x 21" W
Inventory #: G6111Can Rent

Used Shanklin S24C Manual L-Bar Sealer with: Powered infeed Air requirements: 60 psi Belt dimensions: 32 inches long x 19.5 inches wide Conveyor elevation pictured at 34 inches above the floor ...

AFHX-40-3-EC photo
Adco AFHX-40-3-EC 3-Up Tuck Tab Tray Erector
Inventory #: G6109Can Rent

Used Adco AFHX-40-3-EC Tuck Tab Tray Erector with: Stainless Steel frame Presently running tab cartons but could be converted easily to glue for added cost Presently set for 3 up Comes equipped...

Stealth photo
Fortress Stealth Pipeline Metal Detector
Inventory #: G4582Can Rent

Used Fortress Stealth Pipeline Metal Detector with: Application: inline inspection of pumped liquids or pastes, sucha as dairy soup, juice, jam and particular meats that are transported through a pipe ...

IQ3+E photo
Loma IQ3+E Metal Detector 21" Wide x 12" Tall
Inventory #: G4581Can Rent

Used Loma IQ3+E Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 21.75 inches wide x 12 inches tall Effective aperture height: 9.25 inches Conveyor dimensions: 20 inches wide x 83 inches long Left to...

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