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Used Polychem Equipment

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GP44 photo
Polychem GP44 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
Inventory #: C9233

Used Polychem GP44 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine with: Maximum 44 cycles per minute Inside arch dimensions: 31.5 inch wide x 24 inch high 6 millimeter strap Heat seal

NF50 photo
Polychem NF50 Case Strapper
Inventory #: C9239

Used Polychem NF50 Case Strapper with: Inside arch dimensions: 23 inches wide x 20 inches high 6 millimeter (0.24 inch) strapping Push button controls Dual conveyors

SV5000C photo
Polychem SV5000C Cut Paper and Tote Strapper
Inventory #: C9237

Used Polychem SV5000C Cut Paper and Tote Strapper with: 3 units, each priced separately Uses 6 millimeter polypropylene strap Inside arch dimensions: 25.5 inch width x 15.5 inch height 66 pound capacity...

PC140 PC Plus photo
Polychem PC140 PC Plus Banding Machine
Inventory #: C4502R

Used Polychem PC140 PC Plus Banding Machine with: Arch dimensions: 31 inches wide x 25 inches tall Foot pedal operated Live roller tabletop Variable strapping tension Casters

PC 102 photo
Polychem PC 102 Semi-Automatic Case Strapper
Inventory #: B7720

Used Polychem PC 102 Semi-Automatic Case Strapper with: Currently running 3/8 inch strapping band Variable strapping tensions: 30 - 90 pounds Strapping speed: 2.5 seconds per strap Sealing method:...

PC 1000 photo
Polychem PC 1000 Case Strapper
Inventory #: B4717

Used Polychem PC 1000 Case Strapper with: Aperture dimensions: 65 inches wide x 19.5 inches tall Maximum load capacity: 110 pounds Painted mild steel frame Lockable casters Effective tabletop...

PC550 photo
Polychem PC550 Case Strapper
Inventory #: B3777

Used Polychem PC550 Case Strapper with: Casters Aperture dimensions: 45 inches w x 32 inches tall Manual and auto strapping Painted mild steel construction

EXS-508 photo
Polychem EXS-508 Case Strapper
Inventory #: B3778

Used Polychem EXS-508 Case Strapper with: Casters Automatic or manual strapping options Aperture dimensions: 30 inches wide x 32 inches tall

PC +40 photo
Polychem PC 40 Bander
Inventory #: A9290

Used Polychem PC 40 Bander with: Arch dimensions: 25.25 inches high x 23.5 inches wide Can be integrated into a conveyor Has built in rollers Has a lanyard hand control for semi-auto processing...

GP44 photo
PolyChem Semi-Automatic GP44-S Case Strapper
Inventory #: A3869

Used PolyChem GP44-S Case Strapper with: Semi-automatic case strapping machine Arch dimensions: 47 inches wide x 31 inches tall Output: up to 50 cases per minute depending on case size Strapping...

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