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Fortress Technology began in 1996; believing that through superior product design and engineering, the production of higher quality equipment with better sensitivities could be achieved. The phenomenal market response to our Fortress Phantom line of metal detectors has validated that belief and the philosophy on which it is based; simple operation, outstanding reliability, and exceptional performance. Fortress Technology is the only Metal Detector Manufacturer that custom manufactures our equipment and software, to suit a customers’ needs, applications and specifications to ensure optimal metal detection with a high ROI.

Stealth photo
Fortress Stealth Pipeline Metal Detector
Inventory #: G4582Can Rent

Used Fortress Stealth Pipeline Metal Detector with: Application: inline inspection of pumped liquids or pastes, sucha as dairy soup, juice, jam and particular meats that are transported through a pipe ...

Stealth photo
Fortress Stealth Metal Detector 12 In W x 14 In H
Inventory #: G4303Can Rent

Used Fortress Stealth Metal Detector with: Application: uses digital signal processing technology and has high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless...

Phantom photo
Fortress Phantom 20" Wide x 7" Tall Metal Detector
Inventory #: R50957Rental Only

Used Fortress Phantom Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 20 inches wide x 7 inches tall Effective aperture height: 5 inches Conveyor dimensions: 17.5 inches wide x 66 inches long Conveyor...

Stealth photo
Fortress Stealth 16" W x 10.5" H Metal Detector
Inventory #: G1770Featured Can Rent

Used Fortress Stealth Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 16 inches wide x 12 inches high Effective height: 10.5 inches from conveyor belt to top of aperture Conveyor belt width: 14 inches ...

Phantom photo
Fortress Phantom 26" x 5" Incline Metal Detector
Inventory #: D5607Can Rent

Used Fortress Phantom Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 26 inches wide x 5 inches tall Maximum product height: 4 inches Conveyor dimensions: 24 inches wide x 144 inches long Inclined,...

Phantom - WD photo
Fortress Phantom WD 7" Gravity Metal Detector
Inventory #: C7754Featured Can Rent

Used Fortress Phantom WD 7" Pipeline Metal Detector with: Aperture diameter: 7.75 inches Infeed diameter: 7.75 inches Outfeed diameters: (2) 7.75 inches Infeed height: 69 inches Outfeed...

Phantom photo
Fortress Phantom Metal Detector
Inventory #: B5277Can Rent

Used Fortress Phantom Metal Detector: Automatic calibration and testing Core digital signal processor Plastic belt Conveyor 27 inches wide x 59 inches length Conveyor elevation 44 inches from ground...

Fortress Phantom Gravity Metal Detector
Inventory #: B4420Can Rent

Used Fortress Phantom Gravity Metal Detector with: Stainless steel wash down model Digital signal processing technology High sensitivity level to detect the smallest metal contaminants Auto test...

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