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This type of filler uses the rotation of an auger to measure out the proper amount of product and then dispenses it into a container. Auger filling machines are commonly used for filling dry products, powders and granules. Auger filler systems are relatively closed, making them a good choice for very fine powders, which can release airborne particles into other systems.

B-600 photo
All-Fill B-600 Single Auger Filling Machine
Inventory #: G4217

Used All-Fill B-600 Single Auger Filling Machine with: Hopper capacity: approximately 14 gallons Single auger Touch screen HMI Stainless steel construction Single Fill Trial Calibration Weight...

Image 2000 photo
Image Fillers Model 2000 SS Auger Filler
Inventory #: G5299

Used Image Auger Filler with: Semi-automatic operation Hopper: Capacity: Gallons: 16 Cubic feet: 2 Slow speed agitation Blade to sweep inner wall Auger diameter:...

Image Filler photo
Image Filler 6 Gallon Stainless Steel Auger Filler
Inventory #: G5029

Used Image Filler Auger Filler with: Hopper capacity: approximately 6 gallons 24 inch diameter Auger diameter: 1.25 inches Pitch of auger: 1.5 inches 1.5 horsepower motor

AF90 photo
Hauser Machinery AF90 Stainless Steel Auger Filler
Inventory #: G5263

Used Hauser Machinery AF90 Auger Filler with: Hopper: Capacity: approximately 8 gallon Stainless steel Infeed diameter: 6 inches .5 horsepower motor Caster

SA-110 photo
AMS SA110 Semi Automatic Net Weight Auger Filler
Inventory #: G4797

Used AMS Auger Fill with: Single head, semi-automatic filler Fill capacity: Minimum: 0.035 ounces Maximum: up to 1,100 pounds Accuracy: ± 0.1 - 0.25% Net weight design Servo...

Dual Head photo
All Fill SS Dual head Auger Powder Filler
Inventory #: G4621

Used All Fill Filler with: Dual head auger filler Includes: Stainless steel hopper Auger: 3.375 inches diameter Two (2) fill nozzles Discharge: 3.5 inches diameter each Unitized...

B350E photo
All Fill B350E Stainless Steel Auger Filler
Inventory #: G4219

Used All-Fill Auger Filler with: Semi-automatic, fill to weight auger filler Output: up to 20 containers per minute Hopper: Capacity: 16 gallons Agitation Fully enclosed agitation drive...

B-600 photo
All-Fill B600 Automatic Auger Filler
Inventory #: G3998

Used Allfill B-600 Auger Filler with: “Touch-Screen” Operator Interface Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 Programmable Single Fill Trial Calibration Weight Feedback Descriptive Fault Indicator...

Carbon Steel 20 Cubic Foot Vertical Auger Filler
Inventory #: G2543Featured

Used Carbon Steel 20 Cubic Foot Vertical Auger Filler with: 20 cubic foot carbon steel hopper with breaker bar and auger 3HP AC drive with right angle reducer 8 inch pneumatic lift with hand lever control...

PF-11 photo
Per Fil PF 11 Stainless Steel Auger Filler
Inventory #: G3074

Used Per-Fil Auger Filler with: Applications: powders, granules, pastes and liquids Hopper: Dust tight Dual agitation blades Feed inlet: 6 inches Sonic level sensor Fill range:...

E/CR 28 photo
Tecweigh CR 28 Stainless Steel Volumetric Feeder
Inventory #: G2794

Used Tecweigh CR 28 Stainless Steel Volumetric Feeder with: Hopper capacity: 2.8 cubic feet Speed: 900 cubic feet per hour Hopper dimensions: Length: 29 inches Width: 29 inches Height:...

B-400 photo
All Fill B 400 Stainless Steel Auger Filler
Inventory #: G2602

Used All-Fill Auger Filler with: Single head, semi-automatic powder filler Output: Up to 120 cycles per minute Accuracy: ± 1% Stainless steel hopper: Capacity: 22 gallons...

A110 photo
AMS A110 Fill by Weight Auger Filler with Dribble
Inventory #: G1720

Used AMS A110 Auger Filler with: Designed for filling heavy bags: rolling conveyor sits under the filler to support the bag, bag pusher helps operator remove bag from under filler Fills by weight 3...

B-35OE photo
All Fill B350E Auger Filler for Dry Product
Inventory #: D8638

Used All-Fill B350E Auger Filler for Dry Product with: Applications: granules, liquids and powders Previously ran dry products at a rate of 20 cans per minute Stainless steel contact parts Fully...

1800B photo
Mateer-Burt 1800B Servo Driven Auger Filler
Inventory #: D5641Can Rent

Used Mateer-Burt 1800B Auger Filler with: Servo motor driven Hopper dimensions: 15 inches deep x 21 inch base diameter Approximate hopper capacity: 7.5 inches Infeed diameter: 6.75 inches Requires...

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